Dear Self

Snowflake winter wellness festival, Yoga festival Manitoba, Winter self-care, self-campoassion, Amanda Burkowsky, Prairie Yogi
words: Amanda Burkowsky // image: Sarah Carson
If you met for coffee with a close friend and they told you about a hardship they were going through how would you respond?
You would likely listen attentively to their story. You would probably offer an apology for the pain they were going through. You may give them kind words they need to hear right now and let them know that they will come out of their situation stronger than they were before.
Why should we treat ourselves any differently?
If I asked you to notice when you were dealing with a difficult situation/emotion and offer yourself words of loving kindness would that feel foreign to you? What if I asked you to place your hands over your heart and remind yourself that you are not unique in your self-doubt and inner criticism? That we all deal with this kind of negative self-talk. Could you pay attention to the moments you feel suffering and say quietly to yourself “this is a moment of pain”?
We can learn to treat ourselves with a warming sense of kindness. We can learn that being imperfect, experiencing failure and difficulty in life is inevitable, but that we can treat ourselves in a gentle manner to work through these moments.  
Join in this practice of honouring the self on January 21st at Snowflake Winter Wellness Festival. We will gather together to share & learn from one another. We will learn how mindfulness and self-compassion are our given right and we will learn how to access these important qualities in our daily lives. Single workshop, Half Day, and Full Day All-Inclusive tickets available.
Amanda is a yoga and meditation teacher based in Winnipeg Manitoba. Her practice began in 2010 while she was working through a period of loss, depression and anxiety. Yoga allowed her to feel safe again after a year of feeling the exact opposite. She has completed training in yin, hatha, vinyasa, prenatal yoga, mindfulness based stress reduction and mindful self compassion. With a background in social work and individual human development, Amanda crafts her classes from a holistic perspective providing her students a meaningful experience they can carry with them into their daily life. She owns Shift Yoga, which takes restorative styles of yoga and meditation outside of the studio and into unique settings providing intimate moments where students can shift their perspective of self care and connection. She is a siamese cat momma, book nerd and natural introvert who believes in life long learning and exploration.


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