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Words :: Rachelle Taylor | photos :: Pantel Photography
A woman I admire called me a love warrior for the first time a few years ago. The words resonated in my heart and stuck with me. They embodied a powerful, feminine energy that I could relate to when in meditation, setting my intentions, and in designing & sequencing workshops.

As the term became mainstream in the world of yoga, appearing on tank tops, Instagram posts, and yoga DVDs, I began to ponder... What does it even mean? A quick Google search will affirm that the the term has inspired books, communities, and business names, but what exactly it means to be a love warrior remains unclear.

After much time spent inquiring into the depths of my spirit, this is what I believe it means to be a love warrior.

Love Warrior, Prairie Love Festival, Rachelle Taylor yoga, Canada Yoga Festival, Radiant Heart, Love Warrior Flow She believes in love in the midst of the dark

We all know what a broken heart feels like. Heavy. Dark. Hopeless. In the depths of a broken heart, the light seems impossibly out of reach. But a love warrior believes it's there. She picks herself up. Realizes a heart like hers can bend, but can't break. She hopes. She knows. She heals. She believes.

She understands that power comes from both strength & surrender

When we envision a warrior, we often think of physical strength and power. But a love warrior strength extends beyond her body, and into her heart and spirit. She finds her strength in surrender, in vulnerability, and in opening deeply.

She trusts that everything is happening as it should

Life is hard. There are moments and circumstances that we just wish we didn't have to live through. "I don't want to / I can't endure this," is what most people feel during these times. A love warrior trusts, that the good, the bad, and the ugly is all happening just
as it should. She trusts that everything in her life is presented to her for her own evolution, and with this knowledge takes everything in stride.

Find your own inner love warrior with Rachelle at one of her inspired retreats.


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