5 Ways to Rediscover the Connection of Music to Your Soul (and Your Tribe)

By Beth Martens, Singer and Business Coach for Mermaids

You don’t need me to tell you that music, soul and tribe are connected. What I’m going to show you though, is how to listen and feel it with a Zen mind, a beginners mind. Like you’re hearing for the first time.

Are you ready to open to a whole new experience?

Here are 5 ways to rediscover that connection - soul > music > tribe - so you can immerse within yourself, find the treasures that are still covered up and allow the magic that’s there to flourish.

1. Just feel.

Sounds simple, but we’ve been trained to think and not feel — at all costs! We think we are feeling music when we’re really trapped in our head, filtering it all through that noise. We think we are feeling our tribe, but we’re again hung up in our thinking about, rather than feeling into those connected with us.

If you can first feel and let go of the messy stuff, then music will penetrate every cell of your soul and body, because you don’t have layers of garbage hiding your inspiration. Especially in a so-called spiritual professions or lifestyles, you’re not supposed to have negative feelings any more. To the extent that you allow yourself to have all of your feelings, that is how available you are to be moved by music and those you share it with too.

2. Do what doesn’t come naturally.

Do what you don’t normally do while you hear music and create a pattern interrupt.

If you usually are still, let yourself dance and move.

If you compulsively have to move to music, let yourself be still and absorb it.

If you like to have a drink or other mind-altering substance while you take music in, wait until it’s done and let the music take you ‘naked.’ Or the other way around.

If you prefer to listen in private, let yourself be surrounded by community and loved ones instead. Do you only allow yourself live music when you can share it with friends? Be brave and let yourself be alone in a crowd.

Doing what doesn’t come naturally will get you out of your comfort zone, and that is where all the magic happens!

3. Nothing is inherently good or bad, especially when it comes to music. Let yourself decide if it harmonizes with important parts of yourself (or not!).

Don’t let others tell you what ‘good’ is. Let it be a private conversation between you and your soul.

Do let others know about your experience, if you were moved by it, confused by it or whatever, don’t hold back expressing and owning that.

You don’t have to justify your response to anyone, or adopt anyone’s experience just because you think they know more than you do about music.

4. See the interconnectedness of all things and beings. The worst place for me was always the audience, because I felt separate from the music.

If this happens for you, the way to bridge that gap is to feel the music inside yourself. It’s not over there, it’s really “IN HERE.’ Close your eyes and feel again, are all the people around you at they somewhere else or do you feel them inside yourself.

Let the barriers between you and the music, or you and your tribe, be the illusion they are.

5. Listen from the Source

We only hear the tip of the iceberg if we are listening with our ears and senses.

Much deeper than the senses are the feelings — the stirrings, undulations and movement of the soul.

And much deeper than that is where all of the music, the hearing, the stirrings all come from.

You can go right to that place when you’re being with music by asking yourself, “Who is aware of the music?” and feel that awareness. Let yourself attend the awareness first, and then watch how everything in your awareness will explode into a symphonic sensory experience.


So in case music is something you take for granted, like the amazing tribe you have magically created, use these five ways to rediscover your connection to them.

By learning to feel (rather than think about) music, doing something different with music than you used to, by trusting your own instincts about it, seeing the interconnectedness of all music and beings and learning to listen at the source where music and tribe originate, you will feel like you are hearing it for the first time.

If you’d like to experience music that will stir your soul and connect you with a vibrant tribe, join Beth and her band, Love Note, at the Prairie Love Festival for a SUNSET + CHILL reggae-mantra Saturday evening at 7:00 PM where you can kick back with a glass of vino and practice hearing it all for the first time.

To connect with Beth, more of her music and her ‘Coaching for Mermaids,’ practice please visit www.bethmartens.com.


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