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Words by: Niki Trosky, author of Love Life and the creator of Love Life Productions // Image by Pantel Photography
Loving your life, as it is in this moment, isn't as hard as we make out it to be. Here are five accessible ways to integrate a positive "Love Life" attitude into each and every day.

1. Quit Bitching

The only person you are hurting by trash talking is yourself.  If you find yourself in a miserable situation, complaining is only going to bring you more of what you don’t want.  Sure sometimes it is hard to bite your tongue, but our words are so powerful.  They can be magic potions or pure poison.  Choose them wisely.  The next time you find yourself wanting to insult someone or something, shoot them praise or a compliment. It will instantly change the structure of your thought patterns.  You might even find yourself smiling.

2. Feel this moment

Try saying this out loud, “I allow myself to feel this moment.”  Say this several times throughout your day.  Pay attention to how thoughts fade out, tensions unwind and sounds of your environment become clear. Anxiety comes from fretting over the past or worrying about the future.  When we allow ourself to be present we gain the gift of clarity and peace.

3.  Stop making decisions based on money.  

I mean it!  Just stop it!  You have an unlimited supply of abundance that is your birth right.  We all have access to the Kingdom or Queendom within.  I know this is a tough one, but you get to do whatever you want and the only one stopping you is you.  Too far fetched?  Try starting small….give change to the next person who asks you for it. Say in your mind, “I love releasing money and I love receiving money.”  Giving and receiving are the same frequency.  Give yourself a chance to experience the flow of abundance. When you release with joy you will also receive with joy!

4.  Read Books that feed your soul  

Find a good book and stick it in your back pack or purse. Carry it everywhere with you.  Because words are so powerful, books carry their own frequencies.  They are also effective ways to change the act of waiting into the act of enjoying. If you have a good book handy you can enjoy taking a number to pay your traffic tickets or you can relax when someone tells you they are running late. You can also avoid that gross feeling we all get when we lose another twenty minutes on Instagram.  Nourish yourself with something that makes you feel good.  My personal favs are anything by Osho or John Randolph Price and of course I highly recommend my book Love Life!

5. Allow yourself

Allow is a powerful word.  We grow up being told we are not allowed to do things.  News Flash: You are allowed to change your life.  You are allowed to do what makes you happy. Even if you are a parent, no wait, especially if you are a parent. Teach your kids that they are allowed to put themselves first, that they are allowed to pursue their dreams. Allow yourself to travel alone, to change an undesirable situation, to leave an unhealthy relationship.  Allow yourself to feel safe and free.  Allow yourself to love your life.  You and only you are the only person standing in your way.


Catch more of Niki and her infectious positivity at Prairie Love Festival, September 10 + 11th at FortWhyte Alive in Winnipeg.


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