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photos by Monique Pantel

01.24.2016 - the day prairie yogis turned a cold day in the midst of winter into something magical.

Winter, and January specifically, tends to be a really hard time of year. With blue Mondays, broken resolutions, and Seasonal Affected Depression... It can be a rough month. But it doesn't have to be. Over 250 people decided to create space in their January for light, positivity, and self-care at the stunning Fort Garry Hotel.

The inaugural SNOWFLAKE winter wellness festival was a massive success. The offerings were delightful, the spaces breath-taking, and the community blew me away once again.

When I dream up these celebrations, I hope people show up, sure. But my truest desire is for people to show up and and dive in. To themselves. To the things they have been running from and need to face before they can let go. To their practice, to soak in the benefits and find inspiration to keep coming back to the mat for the days, week, and years to follow. I witnessed many of the things happen before my very eyes on Sunday, and I am so grateful to those who showed up, dove in, and took care.

Thanks to Pantel Photography and Rachwal Photography for capturing these beautiful moments.

Oh - and Prairie Love Festival tickets went on sale. Get your SNOWBIRD weekend pass today: you'll get the sweetest deal around & be among the crew who help us bring yet another OMazing prairie experience to life.




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