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The prairies hold a special kind of magic. A modest, humble and charming air dances between the wheat fields and doesn’t let up when the snow blankets over us. Each of us is enchanting in an unassuming way. We’re self-deprecating and witty, never admitting that we are anything special, but that’s because it’s hard to describe the sort of magic that happens here. It’s unspoken yet understood between each of us.

It’s felt when you see a fresh pair of snow tracks on your walk to the store for milk, knowing that someone else braved the weather to make their hot chocolate creamier. It’s felt when you see a friend burst into the coffee shop, snowflakes dancing into the room behind them. And you really feel it when your love sits down in front of you, flopping his warm toque on the table, and his fuzzy toque hair stares back at you with intention.

We own this cold. It’s in our bones, and it makes us who we are. It is the True North.

We may be known for our golden fields, a staple that we only come to appreciate once we leave to see the rest world, but it’s the short days and dark mornings that make their mark on us. We retreat into ourselves. We conserve. We come from a heritage based on survival, enduring the harshness of Mother Nature, knowing her tough love makes us stronger.

Many of us resist this part of our land, fighting the weather and letting our resistance get the best of us. But it is about embracing the change of seasons to allow us to feel everything we went through over the year. It’s a natural cycle: spring brings rejuvenation, summer allows us to be light and merry, and grow the food that feeds us, fall is the harvest and preparation, and winter is the retreat. It is the time to hibernate and work on ourselves. To let our spirit take over and mull over everything it experienced through the last cycle.

We need to dedicate winter to ourselves. We need to allow ourselves a time of reflection in front of a golden fire, wrapped in a soft blanket and a mug of a warm coffee between our paws. We can’t go-go-go all the time, because we aren’t designed that way. When we ease into the natural order of this existence, we can flourish. We can blossom again when spring comes.

It doesn’t mean we need to bury ourselves underground and only emerge when the snow starts to melt. But it does mean we need to retreat inward. Slow down, and go with the flow. If the wind is howling outside, shrieking out with bone-chilling ferocity, then park yourself on your couch and watch the storm, grateful for your safety. But don’t be afraid to bundle up and make snow angels when the air is soft.

In the prairies, we’re lucky enough to have four seasons: four seasons that allow us to properly fuel through our natural cycles so we can be the best version of ourselves that our spirits intended us to be.

Prairie People, Prairie Provinces, Snowflake, winter wellness festival, prairie girl, prairie yogi, Vanessa Kunderman, Vanessa Kunderman is a writer, designer, and avid crystal collector. She runs a modern spirituality website, Rogue Wood, aimed at making magic and spirituality practical and part of the mainstream. She is a published author and poet, and loves driving fancy coffee. She began her foray into crystal studies after receiving a black onyx and rutialated quartz necklace while undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer as a teenager. Her favourite crystals are nummite and moonstone. Want to learn more about the healing powers of crystals? Sign up for Vanessa's SACRED STONES workshop at SNOWFLAKE winter wellness festival.


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