Autumn: A time to take stock, get cozy, and make changes.

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By Tiffany Barrett Eyamie, Owner/Instructor, Be Yoga

What's happening right now on our prairie fields, in our parks and our gardens, is mirrored in our bodies and minds. The months of September and October see more significant change, signifying a physical reset for body and mind, more so than it does in the calendar new year in January. So, even though it’s autumn, let me wish you a happy New Year! 

As the air cools and the days become shorter, we begin to draw our attention and energy inward.  We move into cozy mode and seek out experiences that provide comfort and security. We become more attuned to our 'roots' - our routine: what we eat, how much sleep we are getting, how much we pack into a day, how much and what kind of attention we are giving to our families and friends, and where we've landed in our our journey toward self-fulfillment. We take stock! 

I'm not a botanist, but I believe our natural inclination to draw inward, to notice our routine and the changes taking place in our bodies and lives is reflected in nature as well. If you spend some time on the prairies you will feel it. The energetic shift is more subtle than just the leaves changing. It is a time for restoring, balancing, and preparing for the next big expression and transformation of life.

In our yoga practice, autumn is the time to slow down. To steady the body and mind. By aligning with the rhythm of nature – by slowing down and attending to our stocks and roots – we gracefully open ourselves to the magical energy of transformation, and the deep calling of our soul to express itself. 

According to yogic science (Ayurveda), autumn is the most potent time of the year to make deep and lasting changes in your body, mind, and spirit. A perfect time for a New Year resolution!

The offering of this fall practice is an opportunity to set the course for meaningful change. By deeply grounding the feet, legs, and pelvis, we connect to both the awakening and manifesting energy of the root chakra. We take stock and cultivate balance, steadiness and the space we need to hear the calling of our soul. 

Here are some questions we may ask our soul-self (aka. our wise-self) this fall:
-What would I like to create?

-How do I want to feel?

-What do I want to invite into my life?

-What do I want to strengthen or recommit to? 

As we become clear on what we want to invite into our life, our actions become charged with intention, otherwise known as the energy of transformation. Intention is living with a sense of purpose and choice. This allows us to harvest our resolutions. 

#fallintopractice, autumn on the prairies, yoga in the fall, Yoga new year, Tiffany Barrett, Be Yoga, Ayurvedic tips for fallOne caveat: you cannot harvest what you do not care for; be mindful of resolutions that lead to  repression and restriction. Intention is fluid and expansive, not obsessing or contracting. As you align with the purity of intention what you want to change or create will become more deeply true, meaningful and possible. 

I hope you will join me. Let's take stock, get balanced and closer to our soul-selves. Let's set intentions that will grow something wild and deeply true!


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