The 5 Reasons You (Mistakenly) Feel Marketing and Money Compromise What You Really Value About Teaching Yoga

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Words by Beth Martens, creator of Femme-preneur
As a business, money and archetype mentor for women who went to India eight times and taught yoga for over a decade, I now teach simple steps for marketing and embracing money in an authentic voice so you can turn your practice into your abundant life’s work. To do this, you first have to be clear about why you might not doing it in the first place, so you create from a clean slate and explore the range of what is magically possible when you have clarity.

Here are the five reasons you may feel you are compromising your values when you market your services and aim for greater financial freedom, so you can begin the journey of finding satisfying abundance in the business side of your yoga practice.

1. You unconsciously hold limiting beliefs about the value of your life’s work and are stuck comparing yourself with other yoga teachers. 

You rock at what you do, you’ve trained, you’ve practiced, your work is healing and enlightening, and you make a big difference in the life of those you serve.

But when it comes down to it you still struggle with comparing your value, your pricing and your service with others, and feel insecure about what you have to offer because you hold stories in your unconscious about what you can’t do..

2. You think of marketing and money as necessary evils.

Money is a loaded subject, like sex (which is a closely related topic!). And it has a tonne of moral projections from society in general, especially the spiritual community.

But even within you, you have inner conflicts over ‘bottom line’ stuff that seems to have nothing to do with your love for yoga and spirituality.

3. You don’t think of yourself as an entrepreneur or business.

Many yoga teachers haven’t learned to see how the scope of their teachings is severely limited by rejecting business as a spiritual path. Just imagine how many more people you could serve if you were more abundant?

4. You haven’t learned to define yourself by the results you get for your students. 

We live in a culture that says, “what do you want to be when you grow up? A “this” or a “that?” And then when you decide, you automatically become the competitor of every other person who chooses the same as you.

So, if you learn to see you have unique brilliance, and get unique results for your students and clients, then with the right strategic plan you can easily have an abundant business that is one of a kind.

5. To include all of who you really are, you feel like you’re going in every direction.

When you discover you are not just a yoga teacher, or a yoga studio owner, or a yoga therapist - truth be told you have a number of interests, passions, seemingly unrelated skills and trainings - then it makes you miserable trying to fit yourself into one category. And to include more or even all of you, all you get multiple-business-personality disorder.

Even if you can’t see how to do it, you can be highly valued for not just your yoga, but your whole self, your whole life’s work. As I saw, from what I was told was my death bed from cancer in 2002, being valued is actually each one’s destiny. Even if you have no idea how to do it, you can be of the highest service and have a distinctly spiritual experience doing it all, including the marketing and the money.

#PrairieLoveFestival, Beth Martens, Femmepreneur, Women in Business, Money + Yoga, Teaching Yoga, The business of teaching yoga

If you’re curious what loving marketing looks like in your special service or business, please join me for my Femme-preneur in Action workshop at Prairie Love Festival, September 13th at Fort Whyte Alive, or visit my website 


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