Is life better buzzed?

Erica Blitz, Prairie Love Festival, #lifeisbetterbuzzed, peaceful warriors + magical messengers, Yoga Girl, Prairie Yogi, benefits of meditation, yoga festival canada,
by Erica Blitz
Erica Blitz, Prairie Love Festival, #lifeisbetterbuzzed, peaceful warriors + magical messengers, Yoga Girl, Prairie Yogi, benefits of meditation, yoga festival canada,
Zip! Zing! Shazam! I love a good buzz. Especially from coffee! 

As much as the serenity of nature is an absolute necessity, I love the hum of big cities. London calling! Berlin, jah! Hello Dubai! The people, the culture, the creativity, the diversity …!

I’m crazy for dynamic energy, the current of chaos and how it all flows together; unity through diversity. No wonder this urban metabolism translates into my practice: dancing with the breath, traveling/pulsing in and out of poses in creative transformations and transitions (oh, the world of transitions and how they demand us to move!).

While so many power yogis simply want their asanas kicked into great shape, I ventured to yoga with the intention of breathing a little easier. I sought out courage in warrior poses, stability in Vrksasana (Tree Pose), freedom in backbends and peace in Savasana. However, my mind would race about everything that I need to accomplish before the end of the day and throughout the week silently reminding myself to call my Mom, to pick up toilet paper on the way home, remember to get my bestie her birthday gift ... Stop it, I would tell myself. Concentrate on your breath. It's speeding up. Slow down. Inhale. One. Two. Three. Exhale.Three. Two. One. Positive thoughts. Why can't you do that? Blessings! Count them! Think happy thoughts. Fresh air on a warm summer morning. My wedding day. Go there. Now!

Eventually, as years of practice went by, I discovered a tiny corner of yogi in me when I realized something unusual happening. My life was transforming: a sense of balance, creativity and joy began to infuse every day – even if was a fleeting moment. I realized that while the pace of life was fast the pace of my practice didn’t need to be. In fact, it served me more to slow it down. If we don’t know the silence of the body, how are we to understand the silence of the mind?

While it’s no surprise to see #lifeisbetterbuzzed feeding through my Instagram photos of various adventures and coffee bars (ok, and maybe a few wine bars, too), I’ve learned that the magical manifestations of my outer life and accomplishing all of my heart’s desires are birthed from from an inner calm. There is beauty in brevity AND there is magic in meditation. 

The purpose of meditation is to step boldly into reality, to become more skilled at the art of living. Meditation shows us that we are much stronger and much more vast than our passing thoughts and feelings. And to gain this strength, we are required to soften. Yep, that’s right: through softness is where we find our strength.

Nothing that happens is to be ignored. Everything requires attention and mindfulness. And sometimes, this means slowing down, breathing deeper. and listening to the magical messages that surface in those mystical moments. When we busy ourselves with the rush of the world, we miss things - the important things: being present with the person in from of us, noticing the blossoming bud on the tree outside the window, the beautiful colours of a sunset. Even Ferris Bueller reminded us that “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Join Serena Postel and I for a slow, deep flow at the Peaceful Warriors + Magical Messengers workshop at Prairie Love Festival. Together, we will create the space where you can stop and look around … on the inside. I invite you to meet yourselves exactly where you are, to release yourselves, to love yourselves. You will dig deep and cultivate your warriorship by slowing down and breathing deeper. 

When we breathe, we feel more. This practice is an invitation to feel, to listen, to find stillness in the pulse of the practice. Through the simple rituals of listening, being still, and becoming quiet we are better able to formulate clarity. That clarity, amplifies our capacity to seek and speak the truth, to soften our fears, remind us of our highest and to live our best life. 

“For the warrior, the experiences of a sacred and tender heart is what gives birth to fearlessness. Real fearlessness is the product of tenderness.”
~Chogyam Trungpa


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