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A crystal toolkit is the little box, bag or area you keep your crystals. Crystals like to have a home, whether that is permanently on a window ledge, as a paperweight in your office or in a great pair of earrings. But since we might have smaller stones that we use for different things like satchels, medicine bags, dream pillows, etc, it's good to keep them all in a place so you don't lose them. I recommend having a toolkit that is easy to find so you can quickly go to it whenever you're practicing something sacred or magical.


Everyone needs protection, whether that is from psychic attack (those negative vibes people can send our way), ourselves or even the unknown. Amethyst is really a "good for everything" stone and it has some of the strongest protective qualities out of the numerous crystals out there. While it is multi-functional, it's great to name as the Protector in your toolkit, so that every time you see its purple gleam, you feel its protective qualities washing over you. You can pluck this crystal out of your toolkit and take it with you whenever you're needing that extra dose of protection - or even if you're having bad dreams.
Your toolkit needs a protecting agent, a crystal that acts as the little soldier for your spiritual life and your Self.


Clear Quartz is a unique stone that can be programmed to serve us how we see fit. Whether we need extra help with focus for a tough series of exams, strength for the delivery room, or even clarity when making a tough decision, this crystal has the ability to hold programming that is later washed away with cleansing, ready for new use. You can program this crystal by setting your intention into it via holding it between your palms and visualizing the crystal turning bright pink as you tell it its purpose for the day (or whatever length of time you need it programmed for). Tuck it back in your toolkit when you're done.
Your toolkit needs a charger or programmer when you're first beginning - Clear Quartz can be programmed to help you in a specific area that can change and adapt as you do.


At risk of sounding like I belong in a Beatles song, the journey of spirituality has a lot to do with love. We're weighted down in a world filled with hate, fear and animosity. So much of our illnesses are derived for the burdensome stress we're filled with, forcing us to be exceptionally hard on ourselves. Rose Quartz needs to be in your toolkit because it promotes all kinds of loves, especially self-love, encouraging us to be easier on ourselves so we can blossom into the best version of who we were meant to me.
Your toolkit needs a love amplifier because in order to do your best possible work on this planet, for yourself and your loved ones, we need to let go of the toxic negativity that slows us down.


One common ailment in spirituality is not being properly grounded. As your awareness progresses, you also become more aware of not being "yourself" or in alignment with what you're trying to get done - and that can be big picture or from day-to-day. Whether we aren't feeling "connected" or we are too flighty and "up in the air," we need a stone that can help us stay focused and grounded. Smoky Quartz is great to use in conjunction with meditation or to help us stay connected to our purposes and missions as humans.
Your toolkit needs a grounding stone to help you stay focused and centred so you can continue to grow and flourish without getting distracted.


Obsidians are powerful crystals. They repel bad vibrations and suck negativity into their black cores. Any black stone will work, but I suggest Obsidian as your negativity absorber because of the different varieties it comes in and its other properties, like working very quickly. Just as Amethyst will protect and Smoky Quartz will ground, Obsidian is important to help YOU stay positive and to reign in positivity around you. It keeps the bad guys and all their bad wishes at bay, so you can focus on the most important thing: you.
Your toolkit needs a negativity absorber to help stay positive and healthy.


Carnelian has the ability to cleanse the stones it is stored with, meaning the other five crystals in your toolkit won't be worse for the wear after multiple uses (like that programmable Clear Quartz!). And while you should still find amethod to cleanse your stones by, having a cleansing stone is great for building your toolkit so you don't have to remember this little cleansing tidbit as religiously. Carnelian also anchors you in the present, which will help with grounding and growing in spirituality. Thanks to its colour and high energy vibration, its clean vibration will keep you motivated.
Your toolkit needs a cleansing stone for your Self and your other crystals! Cleanliness is a good habit to get into and your crystals will appreciate it, just like they appreciate having an identified home: the toolkit.


Full disclosure: I believe Citrine needs to be in every toolkit because it is such a catalyst for positive growth and abundance. It draws so much good to its owner that if you had to only buy one crystal, this would be a good one to start with. It's a prosperity stone and does wonders for your aura, keeping you clean and clear so you can enact change.
Your toolkit needs Citrine as a changemaker stone to give you that bright jolt required for big leaps forward into the realms of healthy living.

Building a crystal toolkit is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of crystals without overwhelming yourself. Since there are so many crystals out there that can fall under these categories, I encourage you to find crystals that work for you, so long as they hold the seven properties mentioned above. When you're ready, you can stretch your legs with more crystals, but starting slow is a great way to begin.

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