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We practice yoga to become more conscious. To align with our bodies, to relax, and achieve a state of health and well-being.  It's having, at the very least, an hour in the day that is devoted to you, when rushing through is not an option.

We don't have control over most of the things happened around us, you can't change gas prices, or control the people around you. But you can make a conscious decision to practice, to stay in shape, and work towards a healthy body and mind, that is in your control. Another conscious decision we can make is what we put into our bodies, the food you eat.

Mainstream food has adapted to our busy lifestyles; cheaper, get-it-on-the-go and full of preservatives.

Just as a busy and stressful lifestyle can take its toll on your health, so can sub-par food.

The benefits of making conscious diet decisions are plentiful; increased energy and mood, longterm health and reduction of doctor visits.  Its the best investment you can make.  Not to mention you can taste the difference, actually.

Lets face facts: fresh, healthy food isn't as accessible as the chemical stew being served up at the supermarket.

You need to make a conscious effort to acquire good food. One way you can do that in the prairies is to visit our friends at My Farmers Market online. These strapping young fellas have taken on the task on to do this for you.  This newly adopted company and concept in Winnipeg brings health and convience together. Winnipeggers can now do all their grocery shopping from the comfort of their own homes or on their lunch break at work, and have it delivered to their door.

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Other than the convenience of skipping the supermarket, what these guys specialize in is fresh, wholesome and organic food, with a commitment to supporting the local community.

“We make a conscious effort to get as much of our fare from local farmers and growers.  We want to support our local community, farmers and their families.  Making this good food more accessible to the general population is just good business; its a win for everyone.”

If you've ever questioned the processed food or have been looking to take a more conscious approach to your diet... It's only a few clicks away.


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