So you're all blissed out after that yoga festival, now what?

You were there, you did it. Oodles of yoga class, met new friends, added to your mala collection, ate delicious vegan foods, and now you are buzzing with life.  All the promises of a festival were met with a bang to the body and heart.

Now, you’re home and the reality of home life is proving to be a hard transition with your new found high and remembrance of your true joyful nature.

You notice that your partner walks heavy and it irritates you, your kids which you love and adore seem to screech loudly, the fridge has no raw or life-giving foods, everything is becoming a bummer. And worse the monkey mind has seemed to returned with an assortment of thoughts such as 

‘My partner just doesn’t get me, we aren’t on the same vibe.’

‘I need a new job, my current one doesn’t lift me up, I think i wanna be a yoga instructor'

‘I’m gonna take up kirtan and travel the world'

Balancing your yoga festival buzz can be difficult to keep once you walked into the front door and back into your 'real' life. There are a few things I highly recommend to get rooted back into home life after an out-of-this-world yogic experience.

Get grounded right away. I suggest pizza. Yes, it can cause havoc on your gluten free, dairy free, wheat free, fat free digestive tract but it will ground you. It will help you sleep and land you back in reality. It is a comfort food and while some of my yogi fiends will disagree with me, I find there is nothing better then eating a great margarita pizza to get grounded. That or potatoes or peorgies, really anything that is considered rajas, heavy and oily.

Have sex. Connect with your partner. While you’ve off hugging everyone else for 8 seconds and feeling the good vibes, your partner was probably minding the home front, cleaning up, looking after the kids, driving them around and all the jobs you normally do so you'd be able to get your bliss on. It’s time to get connected with the one who supports you on your wunderlusting wanderings. Get intimate and bring them into your world. Don’t expect them to know how you feel, but share the bliss by breathing together and nourishing one another between the sheets.

Don’t try to do too much the next day, even if you are feeling like a superhero (a superhero with tight hamstrings, mind you.) Your body just went through the equivalent to a full car detailing, a complete cleansing of internal and outer bodily realms. Allow yourself the time and space to soak it up and savour the fabulous moments you had, cause you did, have a whole bunch of fabulous moments, right?! That's why you are buzzing and now trying to deal with what we consider a mundane life after the amazing heart-opening experience of the yoga festival.

Your yoga festival experience is designed to lift you up. It is supposed to inspire you, touch deep into the inner realms of the heart and connect you on a plane that we don't always experience in our day to day living. The point is we can take that feeling away with us into our daily lives, holding it dearly in our hearts, remembering that connection is a part of us. We are supposed to inspire after a festival and allow it to seep into moments back into our reality real world, such as being stuck in traffic or when the dog poops (again) in the living room. These memories are available to be called upon and fill you up; its important to remember those and your life around that also fills you up every day and moment of your life.

Tahnee Fournier, ERYT-500 with 15 years of teaching experience nationally and internationally is known for being inspiring and devotional to the practice.  Currently she co-directs the yoga teacher training program at Bliss Living and Yoga in Grand Cayman, is an ambassador for Daub & Design and Manduka Yoga and has online yoga videos with YOGO.TV while calling Saskatchewan home.
Tahnee is a Mother, an urban priestess, jewellery designer, an equestrian, wine-lover and loves to collaborate with incredible human beings on projects that invoke joy, love and laughter.


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