My kirtan practice has helped me discover and express my soul's voice. It's given me the courage to get past my fears and do what I love full-time as a business. ~copyright by Beth Martens 

As a mantra singer, voice liberator, archetype and business coach I love, love investing my time in passionate, edge-pushing and right-brained women entrepreneurs, particularly when they have a rebel flair. Because femme-preneurs are called to be extra courageous with their voice and take daily risks to be seen and heard, I am attracted to their immense vulnerability, beauty and potential for having a lot of impact. No one tells them what to do, they tell themselves.
I discovered my soul’s voice - telling me what to do, calling me, romancing me, making unreasonable demands of me - over eight trips to India to study ancient mantras, yoga and meditation. Not to mention a 3 year battle with cancer I wasn’t supposed to survive and the rebirth of valuing my life’s work through a business in the spiritual arts and teaching women to be valued for their unique super-powers.
From the moment I began to sing and meditate on sanskrit mantras, I was clear they were magic keys for me - for abundance, for strength, for peace, for clearing the path to right action. I didn't know I was going to be called to use mantras and my voice to literally save my life and to navigate the subjects for which I had little affection and a lot of fear, such as death, conventional business, money and the world of it.
Practicing and leading kirtan led effortlessly to stillness in my thoughts, breath and emotions. Singing kirtan gave me profound peace without having to impose my will over the rapid-fire action of my thinking mind and all the feelings that go along with it. It was an open doorway to a happiness I hadn’t yet experienced that transcended the regular ups and downs of day-to-day life. It didn’t require a big sweat, a big set up, a lot of space. But it did require courage - to get up in front of people and either perform the music that it inspired me to write and record, and to lead others in finding their soul’s voice as well.
Why is it a magic elixir for making courageous moves in the world? Kirtan helped me build up my fifth (throat) chakra, and I don’t mean that it just strengthened my vocal cords. It also built up the emotional & spiritual muscle it takes to put myself out there, to give it up, to let what’s in my heart bubble up into a creation of some kind. It’s scary because once a creation leaves your lips, you cannot retrieve it. You can’t take it back. You can’t send it back for corrections. If it wasn’t “perfect,” it’s out there, at the mercy of people’s kindness, not to mention ones own.
Singing mantras empowered me to have an authentic voice, to speak my truth and to get in alignment with my soul’s calling. Now more than a decade after surviving cancer, I am a rebel-passionate leader of women entrepreneurs, empowering them to work with archetypes and their authentic voice before the stakes get as high as they did for me.


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