PRAIRIE LOVE FESTIVAL, Prairie Love Festival 2015, Prairie Love Festival Map, Prairie Love Festival Needs, What to bring to a yoga festival
You've been waiting all summer, and now it's here! Prairie Love Festival is just days away and we're just as excited as you are!

In the midst of your excitement, don't forget to prepare wisely for your day of yoga, nature, music, and community. Here's a list of a few things we wouldn't want you to leave home without on the morning of September 10 + 11 on your way to FortWhyte Alive.

1 - Yoga Mat

It is a yoga festival after all! If you love props in your practice, being those along with you too!

2 - Walking shoes

The various venues are spread out throughout the expansive grounds at FortWhyte Alive and we wanted to make sure all PL Festival attendees got to experience all of the beautiful natural spaces the park has to offer. Comfy shoes just make life better!

3 - Weather appropriate accessories

We're happy to see the forecast calling for sunny skies, so pack a hat. But don't forget to pack extra layers, socks for savasna, a blanket scarf, and a sweater in your bag too.

4 - Water bottle

Bring your water bottle with you and refill often. We want our yogis to be hydrated and happy! There are water stations throughout the park for your hydration needs.

5 - Snacks

Yes, there will be food for sale at the FortWhyte Bison Grill (salads, soups and sandwiches) as well quick grad, ready made sandwiches and snacks by Diversity Foods. Having snacks - granola bars, fruit, and veggies - on hand is a good idea for when you're bouncing between classes- you never know when hanger is going to strike!

6 - Wallet

Don't forget your change purse! We've got stellar local vendors featured at this years' Vendor Village There is no ATM on site.  Most vendors accept credit cards as well as cash.

Cash will also come in handy for the cash bar (beer + wine) open Saturday night from 5 - 9 to accompany reggae kirtan band Love Note for the SUNSET + CHILL session. 

7 - Journal / Notebook

This experience is created for you as a transformational tool. To discover, to learn, to dig deep within. Bring your notebook and try to find a quiet moment throughout the day to write your favourite passages, to reflect on your experience, to set a goal or intention, or simply to doodle and play with words.

A few extra things to help you arrive ready to dive right into your practice:

Festival Map

PRAIRIE LOVE FESTIVAL, yoga festival Canada, prairie love festival 2016, Prairie Love Festival Map, Prairie Love Festival Needs, What to bring to a yoga festival,

The festival grounds at FortWhyte Ailve, a nature sanctuary within Winnipeg's city limits, are beautiful and expansive. Be mindful that transit time between venues can take anywhere from 2 to 25 minutes from the festival hub PRIDE ROCK.

A copy of this festival map which will be included in your festival guidebook that you will receive on the morning of the festival. So we've got you covered on this one.

Liability Waiver

Save yourself a few precious minutes and help us make your registration process seamless on festival weekend by filling out the festival liability waiver form online before you arrive.

To fill out your form, click here.
You will be required to present your confirmation email to prove you've completed the waiver at the registration table.

See you this weekend, Prairie Yogis!

♥ Namaste 

PRAIRIE LOVE FESTIVAL, Prairie Love Festival 2015, Prairie Love Festival Map, Prairie Love Festival Needs, What to bring to a yoga festival


love life said…
this looks amazing! great job guys! xo
Unknown said…
This looks amazing! Too bad I'm all the way in Calgary and school's already started :( Om sweet om indeed. BTW love your blog.
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