I love summer. You love summer.... We all love summer! 

But like all good things, it too must come to an end. The four seasons are temporary and eternal at the same time. They remind us of the truth of life, as Buddha so concisely put it, that everything changes.

The extremes of summer and winter, along with the transitions in between, is part of what makes the prairies feel like home. And while the summer's end is in sight, and the transition to shorter, cooler days has begun, there are still ways that you can make the most of the fleeting days of summer.

Here are five suggestions from your friends at Prairie Yogi:


There is just something about walking that is beneficial for the body and mind, perhaps it's the act of mindfully moving forward. Combine that with time outdoors and fresh air, and now you have a free, accessible way to feel good and get outside.

In these final weeks of warm weather, find ways to incorporate more walking into your life. About to drive to the grocery store to pick up a few things? Why not walk instead. Meeting with a colleague or co-worker? Take it outside for a walking meeting, à la Steve Jobs. Feeling full and lethargic after a big family dinner? Walk it off. Get everyone involved and enjoy a sunset stroll together. Wherever you're walking, leave your smart phone behind, you'll be better equipped to enjoy the smells, sights, and sounds of nature without it.


As much as you'd like to take these next two weeks off work to simply bask in the sunshine, it isn't always feasible. But just because you have to work Monday - Friday doesn't mean you can't enjoy the final weeks of the summer sunshine. Make the most of what you've got, your lunch hour, by taking it outside. Weather you're brown-bagging, mason-jarring, food-truckin' or dining out, take it outside to break up your day with fresh air and warm rays. Even if you've only got 10 minutes, get outside. You have all of winter to stay cooped up in your cubicle.

You even can take it a step further and take advantage of the free lunchtime yoga classes at Memorial + Millennium Library Parks. There may only be a few classes that remain, but there is still time to enjoy free fitness in the park thanks to the Downtown Winnipeg Biz.


There are so many beautiful green-spaces across the city (even if you aren't in Winnipeg, I can confidently say after our summer road-trip across the prairies, that prairie cities have some pretty wonderful outdoor spaces) why not set aside the time to discover them? Make a date with yourself, your main squeeze, or your partner in crime to wander around a beautiful garden, park, or green space. Bring your camera with you and experiment with photography. You can use these photos in a few months for #tbt when you're frozen and missing summer.

Our final event of the summer, the PY Goddess Garden Party in the Formal Gardens at Assiniboine Park this Thursday will be a great way to enjoy an evening with friends in a majestic green-space. Savour your favourite summer flavours: sunset salutations, sweet live music, and wholesome bites + iced ambrosias treats by Two WHOLE gales . Limited tickets are still available, get yours here!


While rushing through day-to-day tasks, it can feel like the final moments of summer are slipping away from you, while in reality, they aren't slipping away at all... You're living them. In the moments when you feel sad or anxious about the transition ahead, or even while enjoying one of the sweet summer moments (that now have taken on a bitter-sweet feeling as it all comes to an end): close your eyes. Take a deep breath. You are alive. Right now. To enjoy this very moment. Inhale gratitude for this moment, and on your exhale release any anxiety, negativity or stress with your breath. Repeat.

If you can take these deep breaths of gratitude for summer outside, wonderful. Connecting with nature is good for the soul. But these breathing exercises are just as effective when you're stuck inside, too. Here you can still feel gratitude for the ability to wear your favourite summer outfit and footwear that lets you see your toes.


On Saturday September 12th + Sunday September 13th, we've created an experience where you can soak in all the wonderful things that summer brings. Take a walk, eat outside, frolic in nature, breathe deeply and feel the love at Prairie Love Festival at FortWhyte Alive.

Tickets are still available to participate in the various yoga, meditation, and creative workshops that the festival has to offer. If a festival pass is out of your budget, you can still feel the love - the park is open to the public and free to attend that day for those who want to enjoy the free events, vendor village, music, and entertainment happening throughout the park all day. So bring a friend, pack a picnic, and feel the warmth of prairie love, before it's time to bundle up.


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