Since publishing the story A Place I have Come to Call H'om'E a few months ago, our intrigue for Edmonton, the prairie metropolis with the most yoga studios per capita in Canada, has only grown deeper. We're told that their strong and beautifully diverse yoga community is something that needs to be experienced...

And since we believe whole heartedly in experiences - we're making the trip to the city of Champions and bringing our signature style of fun, community focused events with us!

Edmonton - we want to connect with your community and we hope you'll join us on Wednesday, June 11th for our Prairie Yogi Launch Party YEG!

We have connected with some of your favourite instructors and DJ to create an unparalleled PY experience. Andrew Misle will guide you, with some help from the lovelies Teresa Byer + Myrah Penaloza, through your 75min practice in an exquisite venue. And YEG Bloom's DJ Robindra Muse-ic will be on the turntables throughout the practice and stick around to keep the good vibes going for a post-practice patio party. Food trucks, wine, community smiles, and dance party to follow.

Andrew Misle - / Instagram: @sattvamisle

Teresa Byer - photo by Jenn Crebas Photography

Get your tickets today - limited number of partner passes (2 tickets) available!


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