Dear Dad,


Thank you.

For sharing with me that life's sweetness lies in music and living in the moment.

For encouraging me to think critically, question authority, and speak my mind. To stand tall in the face of bullies. To love myself first, every single part of me. Because, just like the oxygen mask in aeroplanes, your can't love anyone else until you love yourself first.

For showing me how to throw a football. Guys dig a sweet spiral.

For not letting me win, even when you were double my height and triple my size, to let me see that if I wanted to win I'd have to work hard and often lose, learn, and get back up and try again.

For teaching me that movement is medicine for body and mind.

For your unwavering support. For being at every single one of my basketball or baseball games, for taking us for donuts after swimming lessons. For teaching me how to run my first business: ice cold sodas for sale out of a cooler in our Radio Flyer wagon at the local baseball field. You genuinely believed I could be and do anything my heart could dream, which made it easier to believe myself.

For raising me to be strong enough for anything, including losing you.

For teaching me that life isn't fair, death is only proof of that fact. That the inevitable changes throughout life are opportunities to build strength and demonstrate character. For showing me first hand that death doesn't end a relationship. Thanks to you, I know how it feels to be eternally loved.

And thank you Dad for continuing to speak to me from the stars, in sunsets and quiet moments. I hear you, I feel you. I love you.


Your sunshine, your only sunshine.

Rachelle Taylor is a love warrior born and raised in the heart of Canada. This gypsy searched far and wide for inspiration, beauty, and bliss only to return home to Winnipeg where she founded Prairie Yogi as an expression of her love for creativity, yoga, and community.


Anonymous said…
What a beautiful tribute. Thank you so much for sharing this.
Anonymous said…
In teaching you to love yourself I doubt that he meant for you to steal another woman's husband and destroy lives so that you could be happy. In teaching you to be strong I really hope that he didn't mean for you to be so aggressive, opinionated & condescending. You might be strong, but you lack the very morals you preach. I do think you have a lot of growing up to don't know nearly as much as you think you do about love, life & family (and certainly not about the needs of children). You need to re-think the messages he tried to teach you and aim to be a less selfish person.
Anonymous said…
Let's just clarify the "stealing someone's husband" comment......more specifically, knowingly sleeping with married men, giving ultimatums and showing a complete disregard for the devastated children who were also blindsided. Such a modern wonderful woman you you really think your behavior honors your father?
Rachelle said…
Hi Kristin,

Thanks for being a regular reader of prairie yogi.

I am sorry you are hurting right now and feel the need to lash out in an attempt to defame my character on my own platform. I am sending you love, light, and happiness, and wish you the strength to move forward for the sake of your family.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to display my ability to stand up to bullies (as stated in this letter to my late father) on a public forum. If you have any concerns that you feel the need to address, please contact me directly at

Have a wonderful day

Anonymous said…
Not Kristin......sorry to disappoint but you are widely regarded as the aggressive & phony girl that you are. Your patronizing attitude is truly one of a kind, although I suspect it is a cover for your insecurities & shortcomings.

You are right - this is your own, not me, chooses what is seen! Feel free to delete my posts as they were intended for you. might want to grab a dictionary to learn the meaning of "defame". To defame someone statements must be false/lies. I have stated the complete truth (although I left out the worst of it)

Have a wonderful day yourself!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing this beautiful post, we can all learn lessons from our father's and it certainly sounded like your Dad was a great man.
Anonymous said…
"For showing me first hand that death doesn't end a relationship." That really struck me... thank you for this.
Jamie Michie said…
Rachelle I really enjoyed your post, and now that I'm seeing some negativity posted from someone who obviously has a very sad life- I am BAFFLED that they'd feel that a MEMORIAL TRIBUTE BLOG was the appropriate place to leave their own spiteful and awful comments.

It's crystal clear to me that this person has a sour outlook on life and is the weak type that looks to blame others for their misfortune, instead of perhaps looking at their own ugliness; which in this persons case, seems like a real plethora of ugly.

As someone that knows your struggle, your tenacity, and your beautiful soul, whatever may have happened in this situation is testament to this little girl's pathetic inability to move on, and attempt to slander you in such a classless manner.
i also know that you likely didn't hold a gun to this man's head, sooooooooo it's quite possible he was running away from something, or someone.

"Anonymous" is clearly a sad and scared little girl that has major issues in facing her problems and the true ROOT of those problems, and chooses to be a hater on such a tenacious and strong woman as yourself.

Head high, move forward, and leave this little dust bunny to roll around in her own misery.

Michelle said…
What a nice tribute to your dad.....Father's Day is always bitter sweet when you have lost a parent. Sadness around all the important milestones they have missed but happiness in remembering the wonderful times you had with them.
Anonymous said…
What an amazing tribute to the most important man in you life and in many of our lives, still with us or waiting for us in a better place. It takes a strong person to see the light in the darkest of times and share these fabulous memories. Let his legacy live on! And let your light shine on... XX
Anonymous said…
Last comment from me......far more important people to spend my time with!

Jamie - I know it would frustrate you if you could see what a happy, great and fulfilling life I have. And guess what? I came by it honestly and morally.......I never had to steal my husband from another family, stomp on anyone to get what I wanted and I have certainly never hurt a child so deeply. I never would because I know what is important and can put other people's needs before my own. It might also disappoint you to know that I am actually NOT Kristin and that I am one of many people who has seen the very ugly side of Rachelle.

I can sleep at night. If my worst "moral crime" is calling someone out on a small portion of their terrible (not to mention hypocritical) actions, then so be it. I could be worse. I could be a phony homewrecker. Perhaps a tribute blog does not appear to be the nicest place for my words, however true. But to anyone who knows what has transpired, they would know that this does not compare in terms of ugliness. Experiencing loss (and yes, I know she has) does not give one the right to inflict pain on others & take what isn't yours. And I was called a bully??! It IS possible to be both strong and honorable.

Clearly, even someone (or perhaps several) in Rachelle's own family knows that she is not all she presents herself to be..... and has loads of work to do in terms of maturing and being a good person to those who matter.

As for that "man" that was running from something?? Yes, he was running from a loving family and beautiful children. A mother is now trying to pick up those broken pieces of once-happy kids. He was running from the responsibility that was his because he no longer felt "free" enough. It was more fun for this 43 year old "man" to take off with a girl in her 20's (who granted, has excellent manipulation skills) than to fulfill his commitments & vows. And he was one of the lucky ones - a family that was devoted, had everything going for them and would have done anything for him. Sad that there are people in this world like you who think this behavior is OK. What will our world be if these are the values we pass onto our children?? You are clearly ignorant, do not know all the facts of this situation and must not be a mother (or not a good one). Blind loyalty to a friend is lovely......even better is being a loyal there-for-your-kids parent and staying the hell away from a family that is not yours.
Anonymous said…
Rachelle and John have been together for over a year and a half and share a home together in the suburbs of Winnipeg.

If you have an issue with Rachelle I might suggest you contact her directly rather than using a forum that is for a community that believes in happiness and positivity- and not discussing the personal lives of others. Never mind on a tribute article... honestly.

My other suggestions is that since you are not Kristin, or Rachelle, or John, or the children- it seems that you are not directly involved in this situation and that you should spend your energy on the people you deem "far more important".

I'm not sure what this out-lash resolves on your part (whoever you are) but for someone who is so adamant at pointing fingers about immaturities, it's amusing to me that you keep yourself hidden in anonymity albeit you've "seen the very ugly side of Rachelle" and "knows what has transpired".

This website is a place to celebrate community, happiness, health and yoga in the prairies. Take your negativity elsewhere.

Love, and yes I mean LOVE,
- A devout Prairie Yogi since 2011.
Jamie Michie said…
Hey random hater! :)

The saddest thing in the world is when women blame other women for the actions of a man.

"She stole her maaaaaan!" Like he's an object or something with no brain.

Clearly their relationship was doomed, and blaming the person he is with now is childish and Maury-worthy.

Sad that there were kids involved, however, that was HIS doing.

Again Rachelle, beautiful tribute to your daddy and my heart will always hurt for the pain you've experienced. You deserve happiness and freedom from here on out.

Sidenote to Anonymous Hater: Racehlle and I are not even close, but kindred spirits of sorts. I just think your lack of class in using this forum to spread hate warranted a verbal assault, and that women who blame other women for the demise of their relationships need to be a dying breed.

Happy Humpday everyone else! <3
Unknown said…
I wish I could have met your Dad and also your brother Nick. They both sounded like great guys and your Dad certainly taught you a lot of valuable lessons. One of the things he taught you was to stick up to bullies. You have done that with class to the anonymous person that is leaving these inaccurate posts. The truth is Rachelle you are not to blame at all for my marriage breaking up. The blame is solely with myself and my ex-wife, it was over before you came into the picture and I am sorry you are having others judge you for my actions. Great post and keep up the great work with this company, I am proud of you.

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