E-qui-lib-ri-um: a state of rest or balance.

Four years ago Jenna McMahon opened Equilibrium. Yesterday, Equilibrium celebrated the launch of their new website. and extension of their brand hosted at Mona Lisa Restaurant in Winnipeg. Guests snacked on a healthy spread of sushi, veggies, fruit, and sipped on champagne to celebrate and support McMahon and her Equilibrium team.
Prairie Yogi team with Jenna McMahon (middle) at last night's launch event hosted at Mona Lisa Restaurant.
Equilibrium's mission can be found in its name: to help clients find a state of rest or balance. McMahon understands that the journey to health and wellness isn’t linear, that’s why they offer a team of diverse specialists. To be the best in health and wellness, the Equilibrium team is committed to lifelong learning, always growing to provide their clients with the current standards of quality care.

“We all consider ourselves eternal students. We’re still humbled in our ability to care for people and we are still so grateful for every relationship that walks in the door and every journey we’re invited to go on,” says Jenna McMahon, owner of Equilibrium, yogi and registered massage therapist specializing in pre-natal treatments for over 13 years.

Our bodies, in a state of flux, are always trying to find balance. From homeostasis to warning signs of aches and pains, our bodies constantly communicate with us. In yoga we learn to listen to our bodies, understanding the importance of mind body connection and placing attention on this constant feedback.

 “When walking into Equilibrium you know you don’t just have one therapist on your side - you have a whole team of therapists on your side,” says McMahon.

Equilibrium has created a comforting, peaceful space for clients to begin - or continue - their wellness journey. From a soothing massage to rehabilitation, clients receive customized treatments based on their needs. The team will help you listen to your body and take care of it. Come to Equilibrium to find your balance. 

Services offered: 

Massage therapy services: 
- General Massage
- Deep Tissue Rehabilitation
- Myofascial Massage Therapy
- Acupuncture
- Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Natural healing services:
- Traditional Chinese Medicine
- Acupuncture
- Holistic Nutrition
- Reiki

- Prenatal Massage Therapy
-Labor and delivery support services

For your convenience, Equilibrium bills Great-West Life and Blue Cross directly for massage therapy.

Check out their new online space, or say hello on Facebook.


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