A fresh injection into the ancient art of Thai Massage. Navina Thai Yoga Therapy is blending ancient wisdom with applied anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. 
We're making Eastern medicine relevant to our Western lifestyles.” says Drew Hume, founder of Navina.

Each treatment is fully customized for the client in a way that encourages them to surrender and unwind. Navina’s approach is all about reconnecting people with their ability to relax. Their philosophy is to find the perfect depth of pressure (based on each clients' preference) and couple it with the idea of surrender. If someone can fully surrender into each touch, then they are receiving the full benefits of the treatment. In contrast, if someone is unable to relax into a session, the practitioner knows that their focus must centre around re-training the tissues of the body to completely release.

It’s all about slowing it down. That’s the most crucial non-verbal form of communication. Slowing it down builds trust and allows a client to surrender to Navina Thai Yoga Therapy. It’s a deep treatment, but without any discomfort or pain.” says Hume.

Hume explains that Navina is also bridging the gaps in understanding between physical bodywork and the taboo topic of energy work. In one of the trainings in particular, they delve into some novel ideas on the myofascia and energy work.

As a school, Navina aims to increase the standards of practice and develop the highest quality practitioners. In order to do this, Navina has established a system of quality control and continued education. Their process ensures that while practitioners can begin their business relatively quickly, they also must undergo continued learning to hone their skills and expand their knowledge base.
“We have a lot of yogis, RMTs and Kinesiologists that study our program. We also have people who simply want to help a family member out with the healing benefits of Navina, to take home with them and use as therapy.” says Hume.
Navina is offering training on May 23-25, June 20-22 and July 25-27, 2014 at Xcompany Physical Arts & Fitness in Winnipeg MB. Special early bird pricing is being offered until May 1st. To apply, click here.
Various Navina courses are also being offered in Honolulu, Hawaii. Click here for more info.
For more information about Navina Thai Yoga Therapy click here.

Navina offers a gentle, deep treatment of Thai Yoga Massage that blends eastern and western philosophies. The result- healing and peaceful surrender.


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