After almost a decade of dreaming about it, I am about to cross a huge goal off my bucket list by completing my yoga teacher training certification and begin my journey as a yoga instructor. The options for how and where I could study were literally endless. My love of sunshine and the ocean drew me to a tropical destination, and I've always known that I loved the creative aspect of Vinyasa yoga. Through a referral from fellow Prairie Yogi Becky Watson, I decided that the Yandara Yoga Institute in Mexico was where I'd begin my journey as a yoga teacher. A couple of things immediately concerned me about Yandara: the tent accommodations. and the vegetarian diet. But I figured these would be good for me, a carnivorous city girl, and add to the experience. It was only after registering for my three week, 200 hour teacher training that I was informed about the scariest part of this journey (nope, not the scorpions).... Yandara, about an hour north of Cabo San Lucas, is off the grid and completely solar powered, therefore there is no internet, no cell service, and no computers are allowed on campus. The phone is there for emergencies only. All students are required to unplug during the course of the training. I'm an online marketer, running Prairie Yogi is a life of being completely plugged in. I am always online. My computer is one of the first things I see every morning, after my partner and my iPhone. The idea of having to turn off and unplug is absolutely terrifying. Which is why I know it's essential to the journey: it's a lesson in letting go and connecting – plugging in – to something greater. Sitting in the Vancouver airport, only 30 minutes left of connectivity before I embark on this soulful journey, I begin to panic. Check my email one last time, send one more text and another, update my Facebook status, download one more song to my ipod. I look at my phone to see what time it is... Do I have time for a quick Instagram? And so I'm out. Hasta luego – can't wait to share my experiences with you upon my return to connectivity. Could you go three weeks without your phone, the internet, and your computer? Join Rachelle in her Yandara Yoga Institute experience and try to unplug for a full 24 hours.


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