Photos submitted by Prairie Yogi Rachelle Taylor while in
Mexico at Yandara Yoga, immersing herself in her yoga teacher training.
-Written by Noah Krol-

The task of calming or engaging your mind to attain ultimate world peace can seem a little daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Over thousands and thousands of years in every region of the globe, various types of meditative practices have been going on, and all with common interest: a union of our body and mind with God/ The Supreme/ Grace.

Imagine your body and mind as a wild horse wanting to run wild and free. However if you try to control it or break it, my guess is you'll get trampleded. So how do you begin the process of Meditation?

- Have enough props and find a comfortable seat, weather it be crossed legged or on the heels.
- Keep your meditation space tidy, but leave your props set up to serve as a constant invitation.
- Create an alter, with all that inspires your life, so that when you sit that's what you're taking in.
- Be relaxed in your seated position and allow the breath to flow as freely as you can.

Meditation must be approached with both a humble softness as well as the firm discipline to keep coming back to your bolster. It is both the process of "letting go" of the min that doesn't serve your highest Self, as well as engaging your mind in habits of thought and attitude that serve the brightness of life. I am going to offer you a simple process to build a home meditation practice, a practice where discipline is built out the simple joy of the breath.

Meditation is an affirmation of life, more particularly, your life; so treat it as such. Start with a minute, a simple minute (use a time) to sit tall and enjoy the breath. Allow this minute to be dedicated entirely to the breath. Other thoughts will arise, so when you notice yourself thinking of straying from the breath, simply come back to a sense of enjoyment and gratitude for the breath. Even if some days feel like you're faking it, keep opening to the potential joy. Feel as though this is the only minute you have to truly savour the fullness of life.

Every few days, add another minute with no rush to get to a certain time. Instead, allow the feelings of being totally absorbed in the breath, with gratitude and joy to be the markers of success. Time will take care of itself as the joy compels you to sit longer.

Siting for 50-60 minutes is not meditating if mind and body are agitated. True meditation arises from being completely absorbed with the grace of being. The more you feel this emerging blissful consciousness, the more relaxed, open and alive the body, mind and breath will be. I encourage you to build your practice out the sustenance and fullness of grace rather than by trying to restrict its movement. Every thought, every feeling, is the flow of grace moving through us. Simply direct it back to the eternal source; it only takes a minute.

As this breathe and Mantra are practiced, we begin to be are of our intrinsic connection of being both the animated and the animator, as well as the consciousness that holds the space of the mitness. Said another way, we are the stage and the director of a play, its actors and its audience.

On an inhale, mentally say AHAM
(I am This)
As the breath is drawn in with this Mantra it feels as though the whole world, everything in creation is everything that we are.

On the exhale, mentally say IDAM
(This is I)
As the breath is released with this Mantra it feels as though the world as we see it is a product of our own projections.

Noah Krol is the owner of Peg City Yoga in Winnipeg, Canada. Noah is also a 2200 hour graduate of Foothills College of Massage Therapy. He holds a dilploma in Fitness and Nutrition as well as a Personal Training Specialist certificate through Can Fit Pro. Noah is accredited with a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and Personal Development program and working towards apprenticing with the Canadian Wing Chun Association.


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