So many of our favorite yoga postures are better known in English by their animal inspired alias. Take  Adho Mukkha Svanasana and Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, you probably know them as downward dog or pigeon.

Let's embrace the animal qualities to inspire our own practice: think of the strengths of the animal while you are in the posture, breathe in these strengths and make them become your own.

Here are some things that come to mind when you may think of each animal, and a suggestion for how you can use the strengths of the animal.

The Dog

Loyal, playful and a true companion  

Breathe in the loyalty of the dog, and think of the strength of this posture before cancelling plans with a friend. Make it your intent to bring a sense of joy and playfulness to your next get together.

The Cat

Curious, affectionate and patient    

Next time your patience is running thin, maybe you were short with a co-worker or annoyed with a significant other, breathe in the patience of the cat.

The Frog

Excitable and transformative

Are you hesitating to make a big change in your life, breathe in the transformative nature of the frog to jump from one lily pad (or job, or city, or relationship) to the next in your life.

The Pigeon

Endurance and messenger

When you are feeling depleted from working too much, or from chasing after the little ones. Take a moment to breathe in the endurance of the pigeon and to listen for the cues the universe may be presenting you with.

The Crow

Mysterious and mischievous   

The next time you are craving adventure, breathe in the mischievous nature of the crow and leave yourself open to enjoy the beautiful mysteries of life. 

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