Originally from Regina,  prairie jewellery designer Swani Landry creates custom pieces (like our PY yoga bracelet)  through her business Barnswallow Design.
Hand-stamped Barnswallow Yoga Bracelet - $38

Tell us about your creative process and ways that bring you into a creative space.
I am constantly inspired by the things around me - music, nature, my kids, everything. I think that's why my pieces have such an ecclectic feel. One piece will be sophisticated, muted and sparkly and the next will be whimsical, bright and textured. I try not to let the constraints of branding confine me to a certain look. I love juxtaposition and the unexpected. Pinecones and teeth have been known to make their way into my work! 
Ironically, insodoing, I think that I have successfully established a signature look for Barnswallow that is unmistakable. Every piece that I make is made with positivity - if there is something negative around me while I'm making a piece, I put it down and come back to it later. I find the process very organic, but I have to consciously surrender myself to the process. When I try to drive it, I end up with spelling mistakes in my stamping or a piece that I don't like and I take it apart. My custom work is why I do what I do - it's my chance to make an impact on people's lives in a positive way. I love being able to create a piece for an 85 year old grandma that essentially sums up her life in one beautiful necklace. Knowing it brought tears to her eyes is why I do this. I don't just make jewelry - I connect with people and I provide a way for people to connect with their loved ones in a unique way.
What are the top 3 loves in your life (people/things that make you feel complete!)
1- My little family - incredibly supportive husband Tom, my5-year old son Tavish and my 3.5 year old daughter Taryn.
2- Creativity in any capacity, at all hours of the day.
3- Sweet and creamy coffee goodness.
Home is where the heart is. Tell us about yours?
We are very fortunate to live on nearly 4-acres of land just minutes outside the city, right smack dab between a farmer's field (providing the most breathtaking sunrises and sunsets you'll ever see) and the Seine River. This is more than a home to us - it is a labour of love as my husband and I built it with our own two hands. It is a refuge from the hustle of daily life, and it's where we want to be 50 years from now. 
We've been here nearly seven years and I literally still wake up every morning in awe. It is our hope that by living out here we will be able to give our kids something of a lost commodity, and that is the innocence of running free while playing and relishing in the simplicities of living so close with nature.
What was the moment you knew that you wanted to create custom jewellery?
I knew I had to start creating custom pieces after I took a metal stamping class. The piece I made in the class had my kids' names stamped in it, and it had their birthstones and some meaningful charms. Everyday people would ask me where I got it and how could they get one or buy one for so-and-so. I started making them for gifts for friends and family, and then slowly the orders started coming in. As they did, the customization took on a new life. I have made it my passion to stop at nothing to find the perfect components that will make a custom piece perfection. Tears are always my ultimate goal and reward.

See more of Swani Landry's creations on her Facebook Page.


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