Control is a reaction from the ego, while surrender is a response from the heart. Settle into stillness, into quiet, into feeling, and into yourself.
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Yin yoga is the practice of becoming balanced. It is a compliment to active and hot yoga practices, it is an antidote to life’s frantic pace, it is rehabilitating to tissues and joints, and it is time for quiet self-inquiry and growth.

Where in your life do you need balance? Are you always pushing, are you always busy, are you stuck at a desk, or are you feeling lost?

Rooted in Taoism, yin yoga incorporates the ancient methodology of energy lines (meridians) in the poses and the sequences.  The poses are done for the most part in sitting position, with the use of props to offer stability so that we may turn our attention toward the act of allowing –  and away from the habit of performing.

In my classes, I love to delve into the emotional and energetic benefits of yin yoga as each pose provides a gentle self-administered acupressure treatment.The two-to-five minutes that we spend in the poses sets a unique tone to this practice – the practice of allowing. With as few as six poses (left & right side) per class, it isn’t fast-moving, but it is a deeply felt experience.  We are practicing stillness and we do our best not to fidget.

As we passively hold these poses we are safely exercising (stressing) our tissues, joints, and bones. What we feel with this form of exercise is gentle pressure, shearing or stretching and/or an achy sensation aka a juicy feeling.  In each pose, we settle into where we feel something, known as our edge; but, in yin, this edge is not one breath before too much.

It is the sensation of sensation – of marinating in your own juicy goodness!

Discomfort is normal in this practice; pain is not. At no time, in any pose, should you feel pain, electrical sensation, numbness, or tweaking. If you are, and only you know what you feel, ease out of the pose a bit (investigate - are you trying too hard?), take more support or move into the modified or alternate pose offered.

Allowing, rather than performing, is the key to a ‘successful’ yin practice.  Enjoy the opportunity to just BE. Don’t try so hard.

Control is a reaction from the ego, while surrender is a response from the heart. Settle into stillness, into quiet, into feeling, and into yourself.

Time being is time well spent.

Your head, your heart and your tissues will thank you.

Tiffany Barrett Eyamie is passionate about happiness and being authentic. She owns and operates Be Yoga located in the heart of St.Boniface at 130 Marion Street on the second floor.  At Be Yoga, students move through the other stuff and find their good, their blessings and their happy. Be Yoga offers flow, yin and restorative yoga. Be Happy at BE YOGA!

You can contact her at info@beyoga.com


Diane said…
I must also add that Tiffany is B.E.autiful inside and out. If you want to feel good, her studio is the place to BE.

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