Sasha Friess was a bonafide prairie girl, born and raised in Southeastern Saskatchewan, who decided on a whim to travel to Central America to teach yoga.

She fell in love. And never looked back. 

For three years, Sasha has called Nicaragua home but no matter where she goes she always carries the 'big sky' with her in her heart. 

"Until I started to travel I couldn't begin to realize the beauty of my own home in south eastern Saskatchewan. When I would return from wherever I had been I would see everything with fresh eyes and cultivate a whole new appreciation for the prairies, the land I love. Of all the sunsets I've experienced, although beautiful, none have been able to leave me in awe like the setting sun amongst the land of the living skies has." 

These images were created by the beautiful Danelle Ross during a visit to Saskatchewan this summer. 

"I wanted to create images that represent my roots. I am proud of where I come from."

Sasha and her fiance along with their three dogs, two cats and seven turtles own and operate Apoyo Lodge, a one of a kind vacation rental and retreat, in Nicaragua. The lodge is nestled deep within a protected ecological nature reserve on the shores of Laguna de Apoyo a crystal clear mineral rich lagoon created from a volcano that imploded thousands of years ago. Sasha is reiki practitioner and a yoga and meditation guide. She also coordinates wellness retreats at the lodge. 


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