They say your twenties are for learning. The days of being in my twenties are now numbered (30 to be exact.) In my reflection on this past decade, I realize that I have indeed lived my twenties fully and learnt a lot. I have seen the world; learnt about love; gotten a formal education in marketing; discovered yoga; experienced loss; started a business. Most importantly, I have learnt about Rachelle: what I like, what I don't, what makes me happy and what makes me feel good.

I have discovered the keys to my bliss, and for the next thirty days, I vow to do these three things everyday.

Follow me on my journey to thirty, from September 1st to September 30th #30daysto30


Discovered at the age of 22, yoga was a game changer of my twenties. To my surprise, breathing, balancing, and bending in a sweaty studio gave me a sense of bliss. More than that, showing up to the mat created a space for me to grieve, to heal, and to grow. 

Since discovering my practice as a form of exercise and release, I have noticed that when my showing up to the mat dwindles is when my life seems to get off track: I feel tired, squishy, lazy, and all around crusty. 

It is in times of daily practice that I reap the most benefits and experience the most growth, so for the next 30 days, I vow to make it to the mat every day, no exceptions. To maintain balance, at least once a week, I will do a Yin yoga class to blanace out the yang/power yoga that I most enjoy.


In my teens, I loved pop. And I mean loved: I drank at least three cans of Coca-Cola a day. No joke. In my twenties, however, I began to realize that pop is not only bad for the body (a lovely spare tire crept around my waist in my pop-loving early 20s) but that it is truly toxic and incredibly dehydrating.

Replacing my high pop consumption with water immediately made my body leaner, my skin clearer, and my sleeps better. The great thing about drinking lots of water is that you begin to crave more water.

The benefits of being adequately hydrated are proven, and I vow to put into practice drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water a day, one as the first thing I put into my body when I wake up, and one before I go to bed.


There is just something about putting pen to paper. There is no better place to sort out thoughts and vent out the bad stuff. And in my years, I have learnt that a journal is a better place for these thoughts to end up than on a Twitter feed.

My beautiful, leather-bound journal is my sacred space. It is the space I use to determine where I am at on a spiritual and physical level. It's where the small little details of day-to-day life get to become a part of history. I have daydreams of people reading my journal after I die and it being quoted made into books, à la Marilyn Monroe.

I vow to write in my journal every day, to write my intentions and feelings as this next decade approaches to remain clear in my thoughts and not forget the sweet moments that make up life.

In addition to these daily challenges, there are some weekly goals I have set as well: Stand Up Straight; Further my Yogic Education; and Take Care of my Aging Body. Stay tuned for all the updates!

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Rachelle Taylor is a love warrior born and raised in the heart of Canada. This gypsy searched far and wide for inspiration, beauty, and bliss only to return home to Winnipeg where she founded Prairie Yogi as an expression of her love for creativity, yoga, and community.


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