One third of the way into my challenge and I can already feel the positive effects daily yoga, journaling, and plenty of water are having on my aging body. I feel as though I am standing taller, yet more grounded in my thoughts. I feel lighter, cleansed, as if I have begun to create a space for something new to be created.

Strength and balance is the goal of this transition: to age with grace.


DAY 1 
Yoga: Moksha 60
H20: 10 glasses
Journal: "In class, today's intention was acceptance: to accept your life and yourself just as it is. I had thought about weighing/measuring myself today for a "before & after" comparison but, with this intention in mind, I have decided against it. I have set goals for the next month, none of which are about any physical quantitative change.  I am only looking to affect my outlook and attitude. I accept who I am: what I am and what I am not. I love my body for what it is and what it is not. I accept this shift from the youth of my 20s to what lies ahead of me at 30."

Yoga: Moksha Flow 60
H20: 8 glasses
Journal: "It has been nice to return to Moksha, the studio where I deepened my practice 6 years ago, for this challenge. I felt flashbacks of some of the issues that I a dealt with and sweat out in this space so many years ago. All of those problems now seem so minuscule and ridiculous to have stressed over."

Yoga: Moksha 60
H20: 7 glasses
Journal: "Started off the day with a big ol' glass of water and a 6am yoga class with my man. Good way to start the day and so great to have his support in this challenge. <3"

Yoga: Moksha 60
H20: 9 glasses
Journal: "I can honestly say I feel leaner and lighter. My mind feels clearer. I know the daily practice is responsible for this bliss."

Yoga: Hot Yin - Yoga Public
H20: 8 glasses
Journal: "I have been making a conscious effort to roll my shoulders back in yoga, and in life, in an effort to stand up straighter. Had my second visit at Corydon Chiropractic Centre today. I can feel that I am standing straighter and my right shoulder isn't as tense as it was last week. Dr. Kristen was impressed with my results so soon. My efforts and practice are already visible in my posture."

Yoga: 30 min home practice + 30 min run outdoors + 20 min SUP
Water: 9 glasses
Journal: "Today finds me feeling very fortunate. Fortunate for great friends and a wonderful life that has presented me with incredible experiences. Today, as I was explaining my challenge, I couldn't help but notice my audience actively trying to sit a little taller, and drink some extra water as I emplaned my goals. Had a nice run outside this morning, followed by some juicy hip openers. I feel like I am shedding the past, and creating a space for something new, something wonderful to manifest within me."

Yoga: 60 min home practice
Water: 4 glasses
Journal: "Witnessed the most beautiful, fiery sunrise over Lake of the Woods this morning that coaxed me into waking up early and doing a solo flow practice on the dock. I love the water: how the sun glistens off of it; the sound of gentle splashing against the rocks; the fresh breeze that comes off of it. I am actively trying to see my thoughts from a birds' eye view, to notice them appear and simply let them go. I am feeling at peace."

Yoga: 30 minute home practice + 30 minute SUP
Water: 8 glasses
Journal: "It is days like today that this begins to feel like a challenge. A day where I would like a break. To be able to sleep until noon, be lazy all day and drink cans of Coca-Cola and eat chips all day. Ugh, this is another lesson of my twenties, that hangovers only get worse with age."

Yoga: Moksha Flow 60
Water: 9 glasses
Journal: "6 am yoga. Great start to the week. Feels like fall. Feels like change. Feels like a time to work hard."

DAY 10
Yoga: Warm Ashtanga @ Yoga Public
Water: 4 glasses (so far)
Journal: "Mind is racing, it's hard to calm my thoughts. A couple mixed up appointments and timing issues and I'm irritated. Couldn't concentrate on the mat. Feels like there isn't enough time in the day or the week. I'm afraid to fail, to disappoint. Inhale. Exhale. One breath at a time."

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Rachelle Taylor is a love warrior born and raised in the heart of Canada. This gypsy searched far and wide for inspiration, beauty, and bliss only to return home to Winnipeg where she founded Prairie Yogi as an expression of her love for creativity, yoga, and community.


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