The word “intention” is a mysterious word. It is full of unknown possibility. There is a lot of talk about setting intentions, especially at the start of yoga classes. I say it all the time when I teach, 

“If you would like to set an intention for your practice or the rest of your day, take the time now.” 

What does this really mean? 

Clear intentions are like creating signs to guide you along your road. Goals are destinations. Intentions inspire us to act. They encompass your hopes, emotions, and values. Intentions can be as simple as stating that you will have compassion for others for the rest of your day or you will let go of trying so hard during practice tonight.

We don’t just set an intention and then sit there on the meditation pillow hoping and waiting. We set intentions and then work hard and move forward with more focus and clarity. Intentions require us to check in and be honest with ourselves about what we want and don’t want. The get us moving forward down a path but they leave breathing room for us to move freely. Our ideas, beliefs, and curiosities are fluid and we will continue to grow and change. Along the path we drop what doesn’t work and add what does. Setting intentions keep us moving forward in a natural and intuitive way.

When setting your intentions:

Be clear and concise 
Know you are capable 
Say it out loud or write it down
Let go of expectations

I often use my intention as a mantra, like repeating “patience” or “thank you” throughout my day or practice. Set intentions in a way that resonates with you. Doing so will allow you to live in the present moment with more awareness. Remember, the future shows up as the present moment so take care of your moments and you’ll take care of your future.

By: Lynette Suchar


What are some of your favourite intentions that you carry with you in your day or your practice? Please comment and share :)


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