There's nothing quite like settling onto your mat in an udiscovered place. A place where food, culture, and the people are different than what you're used to. The beautiful thing about yoga is that you can bring it anywhere. So whether you're meditating on a nature hike or dropping your mat in a new studio, here are two ways you can bring your practice with you- wherever you are in the world.

It goes without arguing that busting out some yoga in the great outdoors is one of the most awesome things ever. But, finding some peace outdoors is a great way to explore a new place through your yoga practice. Whether you're hiking, biking, walking, running or sitting, taking the time to find your breath creates a deeper connection to where you are and ability to appreciate the moment. In this space, there really is no need for a mat (unless the earth is wet or mucky). It's an amazing way to travel and be connected.

If freestyle isn't your thing, or you're looking for something new and challenging- try a drop-in class at a local studio. If you're staying at a hotel, ask your concierge if they have any recommendations for somewhere close by. It's here that you'll meet new people and possibly try a completely different sequence. Sometimes language can be a barrier, however yoga is somewhat of a universal language that all yogis speak through their asanas. So if you don't speak Mandarin or Italian- don't stress, just follow the flow! 

* One of my favourite yoga moments while travelling was hiking to the top of Monserrat Mountain in Spain. We hiked mid-day in very humid, hot conditions that took us over an hour to reach the summit. When we finally arrived, we sat and just breathed and took in the view. It was so spectacular. I marched down a bit, found a nice flat rock, and started through a freestyle yoga sequence. My travel (and life) companion was awesome enough to capture the moment in the photo above.

Namaste Prairie Yogis! 


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