One hundred yogis met at Grand Beach to experience a blissful morning of yoga on the beach, courtesy of the lovely folks at lululemon athletica Polo Park.

The vibe in the crowd was timid, yet excited, as many were first timers to yoga. Many were saying things like “I hope I am good at yoga” and “I wonder what I have gotten myself into.” The beginners were all supported by their loved ones: mothers reassuring their daughters, wives encouraging their husbands, grandmothers cheering on their grandchildren and friends sharing a nervous laugh.

The class began with words of intent and encouragement from local yoga teacher Serena Postel, educator at lululemon athletica Polo Park and yoga instructor at Revolution Wellness Centre.

You could feel the crowd getting more confident as the class progressed. Serena recognized this, “You guys are beautiful…you don’t look like beginners to me”!


To close the practice Serena told us to “melt…melt like a Hershey’s kiss onto your mat.” 

The crashing of the waves onto shore and the seagulls flying about made it easy to melt into shavasana and close the practice.

The class was the talk of the beach for the day! I heard many people talking about how they still were reaping the benefits of their practice that morning, a feeling of pure bliss.


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