Summer time is: basking in the sunshine, camping, watermelons, lounging on patios, and lots lots more.

The heat of the season fosters an expansive quality in our lives - we have a greater capacity for learning, loving, laughing and living.  As Ayurveda (the traditional Indian approach to healing) encourages us to live according to the seasons, in June we jumped in the car for a road trip for six weeks to see more of our world and broaden our experiences.  Amidst being humbled by nature’s strength and delighted by her beauty, we were reminded that a simple life is the best sort of life - a life that places emphasis on intimate connections with people and the things around us. 
The food we eat is just one of these relationships, and cooking with creative intelligence means we honour what we put in our bellies and pay respect to the earth.

So in the spirit of summer and simplicity, here is a way to soak up the remaining warmth of these sweet days.

Roasted Summer Fruit

You will need 

Roast-worthy fruit, such as: peaches, nectarines, apricots, pineapple, apples, pears...etc.  

A campfire, a barbecue, or an oven on its broiler setting.

If using a campfire

Cut your fruit into large chunks and firmly secure on to the end of a long poker or stake.  The best time to roast your fruit is when the flames have subsided slightly and the embers are glowing.  Hold fruit close to embers and turn slowly; eat fruit when you feel it is ready.

If using a barbecue 

Make sure you cut the fruit large enough so it doesn’t fall through the grill.  With the heat set to medium-high, roast your fruit directly on the grill, turning once.  Blackened edges are a good thing.

If using an oven’s broiler

Place the fruit on a lightly greased baking tray (use butter or vegan butter), cut side facing up.  Broil for five minutes, until it starts to sizzle and brown.

Savour your summer!

Written + photos by: Adrienne Shum
Additional photos by: David Quiring

Adrienne Shum, MSc (pictured above) is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counsellor and yoga instructor. She will be leading workshops on Ayurveda at Yoga Public that focus on establishing healthy relationships with food and ourselves. The first workshop will be on Saturday September 14th, 2-4 pm. Please contact Adrienne or Yoga Public for more information.

David Quiring is fuelled by an ever growing passion for visual storytelling, documenting a gamut of life experiences through photography and cinematography. His work is strongly influenced by his travelling adventures through Canada and overseas. He continues to be devoted in this pursuit in both the personal and professional realm, which he chronicles at www.davidquiring.com.  Alongside his photography, David maintains a strong personal yoga and meditation practice, deeply rooted in the principles of Yin yoga.  He embraces the opportunity to teach Yin and share the lessons from his own journey, as he believes that the quiet form of Yin is a welcome and necessary complement to the busy Yang lifestyles that people often lead.


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