Seane Corn is the embodiment of an independent woman. Corn's Vinyasa class at Wanderlust Colorado was a packed house, and she took inspiration from the recent Independence Day in her signature Vinyasa flow practice. She inspired the class to think about what independence means, and reminded us to appreciate the freedoms that we enjoy simply because of the country we live in. In the final Vinyasa sequence, Corn encouraged the class to send love to military troops, regardless of our personal feelings about war.
We got to sit down with the yoga legend after class, and despite having fans all over the Wanderlust Colorado grounds, Corn seems to effortlessly keep her ego in check.
“I come from roots that keep me grounded. If I made any of this about me, my Jersey girls would put me in my place,” Corn laughs.
With the intention to use her platform of yoga for social activism rather than personal gain, Corn wants to help inspire more activists in the world through the self-reflection process of yoga.
“The practice of yoga is one that asks us to know ourselves and engage in a process of self-reflection and self-awareness every time we get on the mat.”
Corn, a social activist since she her teenager years, is using her platform of yoga to inspire conscious, sustainable activism across the world.
“In my youth I was an activist, but the rage I carried with me made those efforts misdirected at times. It was through the discovery of yoga that I was able to work through my pain and resistance and come to access my hope and faith.”
Corn has teamed up with Toyota for the Wanderlust Festival season to raise money for her charity. Until the end of summer, Toyota will donate $3 to Off The Mat and Into The World for each Tweet & Instagram (reTweets count too!) with the hashtag #ToyotaGiving. 
To learn more about Corne's charity visit http://www.offthematintotheworld.org/.


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