Taking in a Shiva Rea class has been on my bucket list for many, many years. Coming from the Canadian prairies, it isn't often that yogic sages come to pay us a visit. So when planning my Wanderlust Colorado schedule, Shiva Rea was on the top of my list. DJ Fabian Alsultany accompanied Rea, offering musical vibrations for the entire space. 

“Meditation is like being a drummer of consciousness.” Rea told the class as each yogi synchronistically tipped back into downward dog. Throughout yesterday's vinyasa flow class, Shiva Rea's voice softly reminded us repeatedly throughout our practice to feel our asanas from the beginning, middle, and the end.

She explained this to basically be the definition of vinyasa.

“It's any cycle that really follows that complete arc. It's deep in our biology, everything is wave motion, it has a beginning, middle and an end.”

After class, we had the chance to speak with her and she completely embodied everything I imagined: grace, beauty, deep knowing. I remember sitting directly across from Rea at the end of her class. They say that yoga is a reflection of yourself and I couldn't help thinking that this is what I want my reflection to look like.

Rea also shared her thoughts on meditation, connectedness and the challenges finding these in urban centres.

“I've been teaching vinyasa for over twenty years and it's always a challenge, especially in urban centres, to bring people into a natural rhythm. There is this connectedness that we're focusing on. The meditative state is a state of rhythmic entrainment and when you're disconnected from the rhythm, meditation is impossible.”

Not only has Wanderlust Colorado been an amazing adventure, I've also knocked off another goal on my bucket list. As we share our last day of Wanderlust Colorado I encourage you to take a look at your bucket list and cross something off of it. Set your goal, experience it and enjoy a beautiful life.


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