About ten years ago, word on the street was that Vinyasa Yoga, also known as Flow Yoga, was the IT thing to help people access inner wisdom and find true happiness. While I was skeptical of yoga and what it was all about, I was open to the possibility that if my breath and body moved as one then just maybe my life would align and get into the flow as well. 

And so I jumped into the flow of Vinyasa Yoga.

While so many power yogis simply want their asanas kicked into great shape, I ventured to yoga with the intention of breathing a little easier. I sought out courage in warrior poses, stability in tree pose, freedom in backbends and peace in lotus pose. They say in yoga, when the outer body is still then the mind can begin to slow down.

For me, my mind would race about everything that I need to accomplish before the end of the day and throughout the week, silently reminding myself to call my Grandma, to pick up toilet paper on the way home, remember to get Dad's Father's Day card in the mail ... stop it, I would tell myself. Concentrate on your breath. It's speeding up. Slow down. Inhale. One. Two. Three. Exhale. One. Two. Three. Positive thoughts. Why can't you do that? Blessings! Count them! Think happy thoughts. Fresh air on a warm summer morning. My wedding day. Go there. Now!

What's this yoga thing really all about? Oh, right: to feel good. To breathe easier. To be happy.

Eventually, I discovered a tiny corner of yogi in me when I realized something unusual happening. My life was transforming: a sense of balance and joy began to infuse every day – even if was a fleeting moment. I felt happier. I wanted more. With an aura of inner calm and clarity, it seemed like the most natural progression to sign up for a Yoga Teacher Training.

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Erica and her most recent group of 200hr Teacher Training Graduates in Winnipeg, MB

I showed up with a yoga mat slung over my shoulder, a pair of lululemon pants hugging my butt, a soy matcha latte in hand, and an attitude that I could save the world and make a difference in people's lives – even though I had NO intention of teaching yoga ... ever.

I was experiencing so many benefits from my yoga practice (yes, I could breathe easier!) that I wanted to learn more. If my asthmatic symptoms were under control, what else could yoga do for me?

Yoga Teacher Training is more than just a yoga class; it's a journey into personal transformation and evolution. Not only did I come to a deeper understanding of yoga while exploring my commitment to healthy living but I also found my voice and am able to articulate myself with greater clarity and grace. I won't deny that it's an emotional experience. It is dramatically empowering, career-enhancing, life altering, and it allowed me to catch a glimpse of my true potential in every aspect of my life. 

A decade later, and five teacher trainings under my belt, I am now a certified yoga teacher that teaches classes, workshops and - you guessed it - Yoga Teacher Trainings around the world. Not only is my life - and my teaching - charged with positive energy, confidence, and compassion but my entire life lite up and everything just seemed to have fallen into place. Amidst my experiences on the mat, I have learned to own my experiences: the good; the bad; the beautiful; and the ugly. I have learned that life is a blessing and that less is more.

While I'm still on the quest for eternal happiness, I attribute my cheerful, regular-girl aura with a back-to-basics attitude to my longstanding dedication to Vinyasa Yoga - the new wave of minimalism that simplifies life rather than complicates it. 

I guess that's what they mean by feeling in the flow.

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Erica Blitz is a prairie girl from Edmonton, Alberta who now calls Santa Barbara, California home. Find more from this writer, yogini, and inspiring spirit on her blog, or at


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