My life was run by food: when was I going to eat? What was I going to eat? How could I convince my husband to take me out for dinner.” Karly Vialoux, a busy mom who runs a home daycare and commercial cleaning company, reflects on her life before the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge.

At 24 years old, after unsuccessful attempts with diets and programs like Slim Fast and LA Weight Loss, Karly found herself at her heaviest at 5 feet tall and 152lbs, since she had her baby Landen. Shortly after her 24th birthday, Karly started the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge.

I have struggled with my weight my whole life. Same with everyone in my family. We have a weight issue. I needed to find something that worked, that I could work into my lifestyle. I set the goal to lose 30 lbs in 90 days,” Karly explains.

Karly's coach and Body By Vi coach Orest Serwylo said that her initial goal may have been aggressive, but could see how much she wanted to gain balance for herself and her family.

The Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge promotes healthy eating and weight loss by replacing two meals a day with a Body by Vi nutritional shake that is full of protein and nutrients, cutting out sugars and processed foods, and eating a balanced meal for dinner. The flavour possibilities for the shakes are endless, and Karly enjoyed hers with almond milk and frozen berries.

You're putting good stuff into your body and it fuels you with good energy,” Karly says of the way she began to feel once she started her road to reaching her goal.

So here we are, 90 days later... Did she do it?

This is the first time that I have genuinely found something that worked. I almost reached my goal and lost 27 pounds!” Karly exclaimed, smiling ear to ear. “I am so happy, I am just over the moon.”

Since her 90 Day Challenge, Karly is not only happier, but she has found the courage to head back to the gym, a place she once avoided due to rows of mirrors she had to face, and loves group classes including hot yoga.

Now I have my regular nutritional shake before the gym. I want to be fit and active. When I started this, it was about losing weight. Now I just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have more energy to play with my five year old Landen now. I don't want to stop that.” Karly says of maintaining the Body By Vi program and healthy lifestyle after the 90 day challenge.

I want to be able to go camping and fishing. I want to be a fun mom.”

Your Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge could be about taking your practice to the next level by building and maintaining leaner muscle. Better nutrition can help focus the mind and help balance your body. Body By Vi is a special blend of three proteins that is low fat, low sodium, low sugar, gluten free, and heart friendly with 25 vitamins.

It tastes good, and more importantly, it works. Mentally and physically I just feel amazing,” said Karly.

A Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge isn't simply for weight loss, there are programs for weight gain, training for your fitness goals, or even to help you get the most of your next 30 day yoga challenge.

Any questions for Karly about her successful Body by Vi journey can be emailed to To learn more about finding your balance with Body by Vi or to create your own 90 Day Challenge, contact Orest Serwylo:


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