In this life, there is one simple truth that I have learned, and it can be applied to so many aspects of life....

You get out what you put in. 

It's as simple as that.

If you want love - Give love. To everyone. Be loving

It's amazing what happens when you begin to lead with your heart rather than your ego, when you give love without expecting anything in return: you become surrounded with the love you've created.

If you want to be richer Put money in the bank.

My father, a wise man and a financial planner, would always say: "it isn't about how much money you make, it's about have much you save." If you have an empty bank account at the end of each  month, it doesn't matter if you're making $50,000 or $100,000... you're not getting any richer. Live beneath your means, spend less than you earn, save what's left, and watch it grow. Drive your car until it runs into the ground, live in a home that's just the right size for your family, cook at home, don't buy what you don't need or can't afford. Don't look rich, be rich.

If you want better friendships Be a better friend. Listen intently. 

Don't gossip or speak behind your friends back. Listen. Really listen. Treat your friends as you want them to treat you. Understand that we are all human and we all make mistakes. Treat them to a coffee or cocktail or yoga class once in a while :).

If you want a good body - Put good into it. Eat good food. Drink H20.

Let me precede that by good body, I mean a body that feels good. Good bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Put good things into your body: lots of fruits, veggies, and compliments. Stay hydrated and you will feel lighter, your skin will look brighter.  Treat your body with love and respect - even the parts you wish were different - and accept and love it for all that it is and isn't.

If you want respect - Be respectful. Respect others. Respect yourself. 

Respect, like love, cannot be demanded from or coerced out of people; the best way to get it, is to give it. It is virtually impossible to be able to treat others respectfully and have others treat you with respect when you don't respect yourself. Start there.

If you want a better relationship - Be a better parter. Love selflessly.

If you wish your partner would write you love letters or drop off sweet surprises for you at work. Do those things for them. Show your partner how it is you want to be loved rather than demand it. You want them to want to do those sweet things for you- not because you told them to. Do sweet things for them without expecting anything in return.

Rachelle Taylor is a love warrior born and raised in the heart of Canada. This gypsy searched far and wide for inspiration, beauty, and bliss only to return home to Winnipeg where she founded Prairie Yogi as an expression of her love for creativity, yoga, and community.


Anonymous said…
Such a great article Rachelle. It is so great to be mindful about all of these things, and remember that its about giving not getting. xoxo
KayNev said…
This is a BEAUTIFUL article. It def hit home for me. Thanks a lot
kristin beach said…

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