I was sitting in front of the group, ready to teach my very first yoga class.  I'd taken an Anusara immersion a few other workshops. And, I had spent a few weeks preparing the class and practicing teaching with my family. But, as I was sitting there in front of my class, I still had the feeling of "how did I get here?"

It was as simple as being asked, and saying yes. That is the same way that I began my career as a hair stylist 30 years ago. A friend asked me if I would cut her hair and I agreed. I committed to taking it on and then set my intentions toward doing it well. Saying yes has lead to a rewarding career. 

Now, as I am in the middle of training to become a yoga teacher, I am discovering that it is saying yes that will guide me on my new journey.  

I stepped into the role of teacher at the Trout Forest Music Festival in Ear Falls Ontario last summer when a group of festival goers gathered to do a morning yoga class. Since then, I've taught a few classes at home for my family. My friend Janelle asked if I would volunteer to teach a class for a group of people dealing with anxiety disorders. Even though I was nervous and didn't know if I was ready to lead a class, I let my heart guide me and said yes.

Each experience has given me more confidence in my skills as a teacher and reassurance that I am headed in the right direction. When the next opportunity presents itself, I will say yes.

Kathy Baudic, 46, lives in  Winnipeg, Canada and works as a hairstylist. She has been married to her husband Mike for 20 years and have two children Rachel and Sam. Kathy has practiced yoga for many years and more intensely over the past four years. She will be finishing my teacher training this coming year with Robin Golt and Lynn Lakusiak.


Anonymous said…
Congrats....thinking positive opens us up for the possibility ...much like an intention. All the best

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