Here's Gene Lakusiak - Gene just turned 71 & has had two knee replacement surgeries. #noexcuses
When we tell fellow yogis about stand up paddle board yoga, their faces light up typically followed by a breathy "Coooool! Is it hard?". The answer is YA, it's SO cool, and NO, it's not hard- just different.

SUP yoga is all about adapting and being free. Adapting to the change in the breeze and the ripples in the water, learning to let go and being unafraid to fall. You can read about our SUP yoga retreat last summer here.

SUP Yoga Takes Away the Fear of Falling
Asanas that come easy to you on the mat may feel impossible on the board, but falling out of your dancer's pose on the standup paddle board is a refreshing reminder to practice from a place of grace, not of fear. 

SUP Yoga Lets You Be Creative
Leave the structured sequences behind. The yoga board is a place for you to be connected with yourself, balance and the water. Express yourself with any pose that feels right at that moment. One of our favourites is savasana... you literally feel like you're floating on water!

SUP Yoga Lets You Connect With Others
When you set out with a small group to do some SUP yoga, it's inevitable that someone will get splashed or fall into the water. In an SUP yoga adventure, you'll laugh, create memories and make new friendships. Isn't that what life's all about?

SUP Yoga Takes You Out of Your Comfort Zone
Balance is a completely different ballgame when you're on the stand up paddle board. Yes, you will probably fall. No, you may look perfect or graceful your first time. But the worst thing that could happen is you get wet! So try that headstand and let yourself try new things in your yoga practice.

Watch this video to get an idea of how asanas transfer onto the standup paddle board - a little shaky, but oh so sweet.


Celeste said…
Cool! I'd love to try it.
David S said…
Great to see Coach Lakusiak still going strong :)
Hope I can make it out on the lake with him next time!!

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