This short documentary, created by Impact Studios, shows how urgent it is that we all act now
 to make a difference in our beloved lake.

With over 100,000 lakes in Manitoba have the most precious natural resource that a province could have: fresh water. And we prairie yogis love our lakes, especially in the summer, when 'the lake' becomes the saught after destination for our hard earned days off. 

Sunrise salutations on the dock and an afternoon dip in the water may just be our favourite way to spend a summer day.

However our love for our lakes isn't reflected in the current state of Lake Winnipeg. It is the world's 11th largest body of fresh water and it is in a current state of natural catastrophe. So much so that Lake Winnipeg has been named the Global Nature Fund's most threatened lake of the year for 2013. The algae in the lake is literally chocking the lake from the ground up.

There are over 6.5 million people, across four prairie provinces and four states, who are the cause and the solution to the algae problem on Lake Winnipeg and we have to work together to make a difference. There are things you can do everyday in your life that will make a big difference. Everything we put down the drains at home, at work, and at the cabin, all make their way into Lake Winnipeg. Making-lake friendly choices in the products we buy and use will help.

There is the assumption that to buy eco-friendly products and to be lake-friendly will cost you more money. But that is simply not true. Here are three planet-friendly products from the environmentally conscious brand, Melaleuca, that will help you to do your part in saving Lake Winnipeg, without costing you more than you would spend on grocery store brands.

Check out these Lake-Friendly products from our planet-loving friends at Melaleuca.

Melapower Laundry Detergent

This concentrated laundry detergent contains no fillers and is non-alkaline (meaning it is as gentle as tap water to your clothes). It is six times concentrated and does more with less, saving you money, reducing plastic waste, and keeping your clothes clean and fresh.

This is the only dishwasher detergent you will find without a child resistant cap or scary warnings on the bottle. This cleaner, derived from natural ingredients, is tough on dirty dishes, but contains no bleach or chorline and is ph-neutral, which is great news for for our lakes.

This ultra moisturizing shampoo works great on colour treated hair. And no need to worry about harming the lake with this sulfate-free formula.

To learn more about lake-friendly Melaluca products, call Dianne Gray-Wysocki, Educating Consumers to Make Wiser Choices, at 204-257-6140 or send her an email


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