One hundred Manitobans were at the TEDx conference at the Tom Hendry Warehouse Theatre on Thursday to be inspired by the TED phenomenon: the power of ideas.

This years theme was PLAY.

We were two of the lucky ones, hand-picked from hundreds of applicants, who got to soak up the intelligence, inspiration, and ideas that the fifteen speakers shared with the crowd of like minded people.
"No matter how well some of us may be styled in this room, we are all nerds at heart. That is why we are here." The opening speaker, Bradley Shende, said in his talk The Joy of Clicking.
The topics and speakers of the day shared their knowledge and strength, all centred around the idea of play. These two nerds really enjoyed the lovely Kal Barteski's talk The Art of a Polar Bear. Her story of anamorphizing the majestic animal left no dry eyes in the house and received a standing ovation.
And of course, our yogi hearts skipped a beat when one of the entertainment breaks, a burlesque dancer Robin Redbrest, stripped down to her lulu's to lead the crowd through a modified sun salutation.
We had a great time stretching our minds (and bodies) with the idea of play with the rest of the nerds at heart. The biggest takeaway from the day:

Play. Every single day. At work, at school, with family and friends. Play is how we learn, discover, deal with the tough times, and celebrate the good. Play is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and do something you have always dreamed of.


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