It's a magical thing when so many of the things you love come together.

One hundred Winnipeggers experienced the bliss that was Yoga.Art.Wine. at the Winnipeg Art Gallery last night. The fusion of yoga, great people, wine, and art was courtesy of the lovely folks at lululemon athletica Polo Park.

Rachel Westman, a key leader at the store, greeted the attendees and explained the reason for the event,

"We believe in giving without the expectation of receiving, and that's what tonight is all about. So please enjoy!"

What a beautiful intention to begin what would be a wonderful Slow Flow class, taught in tandem by lululemon ambassadors Tiffany Barett (Be Yoga) and Sam Globerman (Yoga Public).

Tiffany spoke of practising "from the inside out." That we must focus on how the pose feels, not what it looks like. That that's how to reap the benefits of each posture -- to practise them from an authentic place.

"You guys look really cool right now," Sam said when the room was extending in reverse warrior posture, her smile radiating through the entire lobby of the WAG.
After the class, everyone rolled up their mats and enjoyed the wine, bubbles, and crudités with friends, old and new, sharing stories and smiles. The room resonated with laughter + joy, the coming together of friends, old and new, surrounded by beautiful art. Bliss.
That's what happens when you give without expectation - an authentic expression of bliss, that comes from the inside, and radiates outwards.


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