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Written by Prairie Yogi Mei Ling of Moose Jaw, Sask.

As a yoga practitioner, I do a lot of yoga. I mean a lot of yoga. Not just the physical poses but I spend a lot of my free time (which isn't much when you have a toddler in constant demand) reading, seeking, studying, watching and Googling yoga. I would say as much as I can, I embody my yoga lifestyle. I do and create my own yoga from everything I've learned. I have been fortunate to learn from different teachers in my life, not just yoga teachers, and have weaved many lessons together. As a result today, one moment at a time, I live from a source of personal beliefs shaped by my very own truths. Having said that, I still live from a place of inquiry constantly on a path seeking and inviting new lessons, new philosophies and new wisdoms that align with my truths.

As a yoga teacher, I do a lot of yoga. What I teach is always a reflection of what I have learned but most of all an expression of something I have already experienced. I believe in being inspired everyday by something, anything. I believe that my best teachings come from these daily inspirations that lead me to share, whether its a specific pose or my very own thoughts through words.

After much dedication in my own personal practice, I can see how my life has unfolded to fold itself back into a place of immense transformations. And yet, I keep showing up to create my own work that only keeps my life unfolding and refolding so that I can experience the best of the best of my life. Sometimes along the way you come up against something that just doesn't want to unfold as easily or as quickly as you want. You may decide to forget about it completely, also known as giving up or keep showing up, seeking, working and doing.

For me, I want my handstand to unfold. There are many things I can accomplish on the mat where I find expression, can breath and feel free but, the handstand has eluded me. I even convinced myself that maybe I'm just supposed to stay closer to the ground! Or perhaps, although very true, we are not all meant to do every single pose. Yet, after all this convincing and ultimately self limiting talk for why I can't find balance in my handstand, I keep trying. I keep working. I changed my way of thinking from "I can't" to "I can." I now literally say "I can do a handstand" out loud. I visualize myself in balance. I've made the declaration to myself and I can already see progress. With just the smallest yet biggest shift in what you believe right now to be true, progress just happens and you'll find the things you wish for are already there or start to appear on their own. They will surround you. I am going to do a handstand everyday this summer. I am not going to fight myself for it because I can already do a handstand. This is my handstand summer.

We are capable of more than our minds let us believe when we don't choose the most supportive words to motivate and inspire ourselves. We are all teachers in some way, profession or not, and as a teacher it's part of the job to inspire others that the  possibilities are endless. So don't forget to listen to your own inner teacher and take a few lessons from yourself. 

Will this be your handstand summer?...

Mei-Ling Chow Mintenko, Yoga, Prairie Yogi
Mei-ling is a mother, wife, yoga teacher and student living and teaching in Moose Jaw, Sask at the beautiful Body in Mind Yoga Studio in the style of Core Strength Vinyasa. Her favourite part of sharing yoga is witnessing transformation! 'Inspiration is right in front of you at any given moment, so be inspired by everything.' 
Find Mei-Ling at my website and follow @meilingchowmintenko on Instagram. 


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