It's not often that one gets to report on something truly "new" within the yoga industry, considering the practice is thousands of years old. But a few weeks ago, Monica opened her studio doors to me and my camera to share a special form of yoga practice with me: Thai Yin Yogassage.

After taking a break from academia, Monica Angelatos spent two months in India furthering her yoga training. After returning from India, Angelatos had full intention of heading back to university, but her path changed quickly and drastically.

"I found myself managing a yoga studio in Oakville for a year and a half." she laughed.

Angelatos also studied Thai massage under an esteemed Taiwanese massage instructor.

"People always wanted more in my yoga classes. All yoga is mind, body and spirit. Melding the two together just made sense to me." said Angelatos, who is now teaching yoga in Winnipeg.

The class itself is slow, fluid and quite relaxing. The poses are very yin- long, so that the muscles of the body can release, moving the stretch further into the deeper connective tissues. Music plays softly in the background, candles and incense are lit while Monica's gentle voice guides the class, creating a truly zen space. 

In addition to teaching at Hollow Reed, Monica teaches yoga at Yoga Public, where they offer a wide variety of classes throughout the day for every type of yogi.

A 90 minute class with Monica is $25, but well worth the spend. The class is especially beneficial for  athletes, people who spend too much time behind their desk, and also new mothers whose bodies are recovering. These classes are small in size, which offers an intimate experience and allows Monica to spend quality time with each student.

What's Monica's intention through her practice? 
"To be of service." she replied with a big hearty grin.

Thai Yin Yogassage classes are held at 761 Westminster Avenue in Winnipeg, MB.
It's suggested you call to reserve your spot in class at (204) 963-9642.
You can also like Thai Yin Yogassage on Facebook!


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