Sometimes we get incredibly sweet messages of love from all over the prairies. The Prairie Yogi community is so awesome, we thought we would share a kind message and photo from Kevin in Saskatoon:

Hi Prairie Yogis!

I love your concept, bringing all Prairie Yogis together as a Kula to celebrate this practice of Oneness. I live in Saskatoon and teach at four studios around town, spreading the teachings in three styles. I also do a lot of work with inner city kids teaching them yoga and empowerment through breath, really giving them the tools to be comfortable in their own skin and teaching them how to relax.

I spent the last few years teaching in Vancouver but made the move back about six months ago to spend time with my family, they're my number one. I teach guided meditation as well, was trained by Deepak Chopra school. I just set up a workshop in South Africa later on in the year for children with Aids, giving some hope, love and inspiration. I truly feel blessed and so grateful for this practice and being able to spread the teachings.




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