Prairie Yogi Magazine's favourite downward dog, Marni.

Sharing your practice as a yogi used to be so simple. You would show up to class, do your sun salutations with the rest of the yogis in the room, roll up your mat and that was that. 

Instagram, however, has changed the freestyle yoga game. Online communities of yogis are posting pictures of themselves bringing yoga to all corners of the globe. 

Last fall we started following Mawe Hernández, from Monterrey Nuevo León, Mexico on Instagram. Hernández started something he calls the #asanaproject.

"I had the idea of capturing images of asanas in unusual contexts, outside a shala or a mat. People doing yoga in the park, the fair, the market, the street, the library, beach or mountain- every place where it was "weird" and then perform them. So the it came to my mind, the name: Asana Project." said Hernández.

The idea of freestyle is nothing new, but the way we are sharing the asanas is. Instagram has given yogis an immediate way to connect with others all over the world by using a simple hashtag. Love #sidecrow? Finding beautiful, original photos is just an Instagram search away. 

"The mission of #asanaproject is simply to have fun enjoying yoga, proving that this beautiful practice can be wherever your heart wants, just celebrate ourselves, your beauty, your body, and celebrate life."said Hernández.

You can follow Prairie Yogi Magazine and Mawe Hernández on Instagram: @prairieyogimagazine + @maweom.

WIN A LIFESTYLE PASS BY TAKING PART IN THE #ASASNAPROJECT- just make sure to mention @priarieyogimagazine in your Instagram asana post! Contest closes Friday, February 8, 2013.

Monique Pantel is a photographer, writer and passionate yogi living in Winnipeg, Canada. She also happens to be the online editor and creative director for Prairie Yogi Magazine. Monique loves to create, whether it's writing, cooking, painting, photography or free-styling fun sequences on the yoga mat!

Find Monique online at her website here.


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