The prairies are notorious for those northern winds sweeping across the plains, wind-chills that dip below -40C and snow that piles higher than your waist. 

Now, for most people, the thought of a climate like that has them running straight to the fireplace with blankets and hot chocolate in tow. But, Prairie Yogis have a fun alternative that lets you enjoy the prairie chill- SNOWGA!

How do Prairie Yogis keep warm in the winter?...

#1 We dress for the weather and for play!
The real downer in cold weather isn't the cold itself- it's your gear not being warm enough! Dress in     comfortable, breathable clothing that protects you against the elements. Mocassins, warm toques, mittens and ski pants are just a few of our outdoor must-haves.

#2 We find a fun location!
Go and explore your area. There may be parks, small forests or paths you've never taken before. Make your outing adventurous! Sometimes we're lucky enough to see deer and other wildlife within the city limits! 

#3 We bring some friends!
The holidays are known for a time of over-indulgence. Get quality time with your friends and family by having an adventure outdoors! Try some snowga!

Monique Pantel is a photographer, writer and passionate yogi living in Winnipeg, Canada. She also happens to be the online editor and creative director for Prairie Yogi Magazine. Monique loves to create, whether it's writing, cooking, painting, photography or freestyling fun sequences on the yoga mat!
Find Monique online at her website here.


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