Just like that, yes, the holidays are in full effect. With the big day only days away, many of us are still preparing by cooking, baking, buying, wrapping, checking off lists, and dashing out here, there and everywhere. So what is that we are really preparing for? What is it that you are really giving or not giving this holiday season? Self admittedly, I use to get so wrapped up in all the details of my table display the perfectly creased edges of all my meticulously wrapped gifts, and making sure that everyone on my shopping list was taken care of and that I had spent an equal monetary amount on everyone! This year, and over the past few years, my perspectives have started to shift.

I knew the holidays were coming fast and furious as they always do but I found myself not even allowing the stresses of the holiday season to cross my mind. Instead, I find myself enjoying the time and the choices that I've made to prepare. All the while knowing that these things don't have to be prefect. This way, I don't lose myself in trying to please everyone that I think needs pleasing. I am able to really give who I am and be present. I can take the time to spend quality time with those who mean something in my life. I don't feel guilty about stepping on my yoga mat thinking I should be somewhere else preparing for something else.

The journey of yoga will take each of us to many different places, lighting up new paths, placing new obstacles before us, forcing us to spend time inside of our bodies while learning what it feels like to be honest. Ultimately, finding out that if you are honest you can be real, and if you are real you can be true.

So this holiday season, in the spirit of giving, be true to you and give to yourself by letting go of the expectations of what you think should be happening. Dash through the snow instead of the mall. Spend time mindfully with someone you love instead of spending money. Be present right now instead of giving a gift. And lastly, be grateful for all the moments you've been given and don't forget to do some yoga. 

Written by Mei-Ling Chow-Mintenko

Mei-Ling Chow-Mintenko lives in Moose Jaw, Canada. She teaches yoga at Body in Mind Yoga. Mei-Ling is a proud mother to her little boy, Sam. Her favourite thing about being a mom is getting to watch Sam grow and share yoga with him. Mei-Ling loves to teach what resonates with her and to share the journey of yoga both on her yoga mat, in the studio and in writing. 
You can find Mei-Ling here.


No doubt Yoga is really a positive yet healthy thing so far. This really keep your boday and your mind fresh . I Really like your Blog , I think you should add some more practical stuff of Yoga :)

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